Patterson Digital Marketing is an online branding and marketing agency based in Auckland serving primarily the New Zealand and Australian market. As part of the Patterson Consulting Group, we’ve consulted to hundreds of businesses over many years and helped them grow.

Our Two Differentiators

Our Integrated Traffic Campaign secures real leads (not just visitors) for your business by integrating advanced SEO, social media, content marketing, Google ads, Facebook ads and Remarketing and leveraging off each of them to achieve the best increase in leads and sales. We focus on buyer intent keyword phrases and track conversions, webforms and tracking phone numbers/calls from your website. We will generate a huge ROI for you within 3-4 months.

Our Content Marketing will grow your website leads, customers, revenue and profit by getting your brand seen by your prospects across ALL online media channels worldwide. This assists export businesses to take their businesses to the next level with a precise plan on how to grow their customers. We have had good success in driving new customers from overseas to these businesses. These new customers don’t have to search for you, they don’t know you nor you them, yet they find you through our Content Marketing and become your customer. That’s why our services are so powerful.

We work with a large Australian digital marketing partner with hundreds of clients that fulfills our service needs and invests heavily in product improvement.

Why You Need to Use Content Marketing to Grow Your Business

Are you struggling to get leads online? You probably put up a website hoping that prospects will find it in search and then you ignore your website, expecting enquiries to flood in. But your website is most likely invisible in search because only the first 4 or 5 websites get any clicks.

Content marketing finds prospects who don’t even search or know about you.

The whole point of a website is to generate leads and convert them into customers. Why have a website that doesn’t generate visitors and convert them into leads? But this is the reality for most websites. Is this the case for you?

We firstly ensure that your website is compliant. Then we optimise your brand ensuring that you are seen everywhere online. We set up and optimise the content marketing online accounts (over 50) to which we publish the unique and entertaining content that we create on a monthly basis. This expands the website’s total indexed pages as well as sharing that content via social media and blogging outlets so that even more visitors are attracted to your website. We focus on ensuring that each page of your website can significantly improve site visitors. Content marketing is the key part of online marketing success and it increases web visitors by 5 times. With content marketing, you no longer have to rely on search or pay per click for web visitors.

Content marketing grows your website visitors and is essential to build your brand online. With the right kind of content, you can build and optimize your brand on the Internet so that it brings more leads to your website and more sales to your business. More importantly, it can improve the overall image of the business and result in more sales, referrals and consequently, more website traffic. The cycle goes on and on. Content is leveraged through several media channels to create a circle of leads that is directed to your website lead funnel.

We Will Do Your Content Marketing For You

We will do your Content Marketing for you to ensure you boost your leads, sales, revenue and profit. This is complicated and far more complex than you think – just putting up a website won’t cut it – you must make it work with monthly marketing campaigns for each of the 5 media channels that yield leads or visitors. Actively doing your Content Marketing for you is what distinguishes us from regular website developers. Usually developers just build sites and leave the marketing to you (frequently because they don’t know themselves). You don’t have the experience and knowledge to succeed. We have the expertise, knowledge and tools in digital marketing to do it for you and boost your business – together we will succeed very well by each of us doing what we’re good at. All your content and marketing effort should be leveraged into one Circle of Leads that unifies content and leads and feeds them into a Lead Funnel on your website. Your Lead Funnel compiles a database of leads and you create even more leads by emailing your database with new posts, videos and blogs to your Facebook, YouTube and blog.

We use our Content Marketing services to expand the reach of your brand and boost your website visitors and leads from the 5 media channels:

Organic search – Mobile-responsive web design, SEO, Content Marketing, Facebook, YouTube
Social media – Facebook, YouTube, Google+, Twitter, Online Reputation Management, clients
Direct – PPC, Facebook ads, Remarketing
Paid Ads – PPC, Facebook ads, Remarketing
Referrals – SEO, blogs, Google + Local, Local marketing – Referrals are 4-5 times larger than the other sources with Content Marketing.

Why You Should Choose Us to be Your Online Marketing Partner

We will do your Content Marketing for you to ensure you boost your leads, sales, revenue and profit. Our brand optimization grows your website visitors, which is why we are confident to offer it to you. This cannot be done by website developers – it takes a lot more than just having a website up – it needs marketing specialists like us to continually create and run campaigns and market your business online for you. We’ve shown hundreds of SMB’s how to grow their businesses over the last 13 years.

We offer a wide range of effective online marketing Services – mobile-responsive website design, lead generation, search engine marketing, social media marketing, paid advertising, remarketing, local and mobile marketing and more – all proven marketing services available from one marketing agency – impossible for you to replicate in your business

We employ most of the above services in our marketing campaigns for you generating many more leads using the newest methods and strategies to grow your business that other web developers, or your in-house people, cannot match

Together, our professional online marketing consultants will build a plan to take your business to the next level by growing your brand and increasing customer engagement with our online campaigns

You will effortlessly – generate and capture leads – nurture them until they convert to a sale – never lose a prospect – retain and grow loyal customers and attract referrals – measure your ROI with our metrics in real time

All of our clients have boosted their brand, website visitors, revenue and profit by between 80% and 400%

Our Dashboard System

Unlike freelancers and other digital marketing agencies, we provide our clients with access to a website visitor progress metrics report by channel in real time. We also show you a dashboard that shows your Work Report about your campaign. Our reporting system ensures everything is in place and that all goals are accomplished on time.

Get in Touch with Us Today

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