6 SEO Tactics You MUST Use to Maximise Your Sales

You know that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is important to the success of your business. It should be a priority for you from the moment you start building your website. It can make or break your online presence, which is how most people find out about their newer and most trusted brands and sales.

But SEO is a rapidly changing industry. The battle between giants like Google and small businesses that just want to be visible to consumers is constantly raging with new rules of war, new weaponry, and strategic progressions and disruptions.

This most effective SEO tactics according to a survey of marketing influencers are:

Relevant content creation – 57%
Keyword/phrase research – 49%
Social media integration – 39%
External/internal linking – 36%
Mobile-responsive design – 34%.

The most difficult to achieve are:

Content creation

Content Creation

Even five years ago there was an emphasis on good content. So it shouldn’t surprise you that this emphasis has grown, and there is a greater push for better quality. Content is king – don’t forget it.

Content Marketing is now super important. Through writing and publishing content on the internet, readers see and read it, like what they see and click through to your website for more information before potentially purchasing. These readers will probably never have heard of your business nor have searched for it but they can click through to you to take purchase action. This is especially important for overseas readers who can become customers of export, import, tourism or immigration businesses.

More Blogging, Better Blogging

Your blog content should be applicable to people as a source on whatever it’s talking about. Internal linking in your content is good but too much internal linking can look ridiculous.

In short, write something that you would want to read, should you be in the position of your target audience. In fact, make your content the necessary content for people seeking the type of information you’re writing about.

Include Keywords in Your Website

It is impossible to conduct content marketing without including keywords in your website. Most webmasters these days omit keywords and leave it to Google’s algorithms to rank the site. But use of keywords improves search ranking and is crucial for content marketing.

Social Media Integration

Integrating social media is very important for online presence – by optimising social media accounts with your website, you are seen everywhere online.

Ensure Your Site is Fully Optimised For Mobile

It’s difficult to overestimate the importance of mobile optimisation for SEO. When it comes to local search however, it perhaps becomes even more crucial. A staggering 89% of smartphone users conduct local searches once a week or more, proving just how influential mobile search can be.

From opening hours to directions, it’s vital that key information about your business is easily accessible on mobile devices. With an estimated 50% of mobile searchers visiting stores within the same day, it’s a quick and easy SEO tactic that could have a real-world impact on profits.

Implement Schema Markup

This step essentially refers to making sure all of the information you list on site is logically structured. In short, it’s a sequence of simple codes that gives search engine crawlers a better chance of locating and processing your key business data.

Rich snippets, feature snippets and Google Knowledge Graphs are all easier to come by when schema markup is implemented efficiently to ensure your site reaches its local search potential through using schema markup.

An Ever-increasing Quest For Quality Link Building

What you need to know about link building in 2017 is that, now more than ever, quality trumps quantity. It’s common to do a backlink report on an older website and find a plethora of spammy backlinks. Many sites have been demoted in rankings for this now, and the lower quality your links are, the more Google might penalize your site.

Quality link building involves things like quality guest content and local directories — anything natural and helpful to web users. This comes down to having good content on your website.

Hand in hand, a quality website must be represented as quality across the web, and that means staying away from websites that could ruin your reputation and building links to your site in a way that fully represents the quality of your product or brand.

Use Google Analytics to Track your Success

The best authority on web traffic and click throughs comes from Google Analytics. Google Analytics is a freemium service offered by Google that gives website owners insight into site visitors and their demographics, converting site visitors (now customers), the most popular pages on the websites, where your traffic is coming from on the web (referrals, direct, search, social and paid) and more.

We give our clients a dashboard showing all this information and changes monthly.

So writing and marketing quality content, including high search keywords and optimising social media will lead to many more website visitors and hence sales.

We’ve proven this with 400% increases in sales for clients, improved ranking to page 1 and more. So call us now on (027) 489 5009 or email at chris@pattersondigitalmarketing.com and we’ll get you on the road to content-based increases in sales.

Chris Kirkham

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