Active Online Marketing Will Grow Your Business by 40% pa

Why your current website PREVENTS you from growing your business

Are you getting the new customers online that you want? Or are your competitors winning them?

You probably put up a website hoping that prospects will find it in search and then you wait for enquiries to flood in. But your website is most likely invisible in search because it is not optimised for marketing. You don’t do any ACTIVE MARKETING through SEO, Social Media, Referral or Direct channels – maybe you do some paid ads to try to get visitors. You really struggle to get results online.

The whole point of a website is to generate visitors and convert them into leads. Why have a website that doesn’t generate visitors and convert them into leads? This is reality for most sites.

Most web developers build websites basically to ensure they are compliant with search engine requirements. They don’t allow ACTIVE MARKETING. Your website should be doing much more.

They don’t do SEO or build competitive back-links to the sites, they don’t optimise with press releases, blogs, social media, direct, referrals or paid media channels. They don’t use the correct keywords or have enough content and you struggle for visibility. This prevents you from using your site as an ACTIVE MARKETING tool.

You MUST MARKET online to boost website visitors and hence customers, sales and profit

We are primarily online/digital MARKETERS. We do build mobile-responsive websites that we fully optimise for marketing. SEO and MARKETING SOLUTIONS are our main products that enable you to MARKET to your prospects online.

We actually want to do the MARKETING for you – we design, write and publish monthly campaigns in all the above media channels and these WILL yield many more visitors to your site.

On average, our work grows website visitors by 50-70% pa. Do you have this growth planned for your business for 2015? We doubt it. With our MARKETING campaigns, we can make this a reality for you.

We start with SEO and add suitable Services

Our SEO work is world-class. Our keywords, content and analysis result in our clients’ websites being found by searchers before their competitors. Most websites don’t contain enough content to attract and satisfy your visitors. You want your visitors to purchase your products but you don’t give them enough information to do so and they leave. As part of our off-page SEO, we will write marketing content for your website covering branding, product information, company and industry news, press releases and build competitive back-links to your site to differentiate you from your competitors, specifically:
• promotional content will contain promos, coupons, sales and current discounts you offer
• we create blog posts that your prospects want to share with their friends
• we create press releases, company updates and industry news that make your prospects more interested in your products and services
• we want your prospects to think positively about your brand
• custom quality content has a positive effect on audience attitude
• we utilise Google+ to improve your overall SEO footprint as the accumulation of G+ authorship credits helps you to rank higher in search
• we ensure everyone knows about new content on your blog or anywhere online
• we ensure that when we publish content about you, your social world will know about it
• we set up accounts for you in the top social media and social sharing sites, the top blogs and the top press release sites
• because of the high quality content we create, we are able to attract natural links
• authority sites are more likely to link back to your site and so pass link juice to your pages
• the more quality links we build to your site, the higher your website will rank, the more visitors you will get which will result in higher sales and profit.
We usually start with a Website Analysis which shows us how to transition from your existing site structure to the new one to yield really successful results, and also what Services to use to build great campaigns.

We use our Services to expand the reach of your brand and boost your visitors/leads

Your brand can be seen in 5 media channels – referrals, social media (Facebook, Google+, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest), search, direct and paid ads. Most businesses rely on search (and not well – mainly invisible). We use our Services to maximise your visitors from these channels:

Referrals – SEO, blogs, Google + Local, Local marketing
Social – Facebook, YouTube, Google +, Twitter, Pinterest, Online Reputation Management, clients
Search – mobile-responsive web design, SEO, Content marketing, Facebook, YouTube, Local
Direct – PPC, Facebook ads, Remarketing
Paid ads – PPC, Facebook ads, Remarketing.

This extra reach will enable you to receive so many more website visitors that your sales will boom.

We market your brand with monthly campaigns to maximise website visitors

Content marketing is essential to build your brand online and your sales and business. We establish your brand by setting up your social media, blogs and local directory profiles. Once we’ve designed and optimised these profiles, you can post content and videos and undertake aggressive online marketing. We create unique and entertaining content on a monthly basis that is used to expand your website’s total indexed pages as well as sharing that content via social media and blogging outlets so that even more visitors are attracted to your website. Marketing Sherpa says the top sources of visitors are SEO 94%, Social Media 85% and Blogging 68%. Your brand will soon be seen everywhere online helping visitors, leads and enquiries flow to your website.

Campaigns start to be effective within a month and build monthly but can take 6 months to be noticeable. Campaigns are tested and changed to maximise visitor numbers.

Track your visitor numbers from each of the 5 media channels

With real time visitor numbers per page and view time spent shown in our personalised Metrics portal, you can see what marketing actions are working for you, how to improve/optimise your marketing campaigns, how to launch successful marketing campaigns and grow your visitors, customers and your sales.

We GUARANTEE to Increase your website visitors by 40% in 2015

If you could grow your website visitors by 40%, and hence your customers and sales by a similar amount, what would that do to your business and your life? It would make a huge difference.

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Chris Kirkham