We are primarily online or digital MARKETERS. We do build mobile-responsive websites that we fully optimise for MARKETING. Content Marketing supported by our SEO Plus and Brand optimization are our main products that enable you to MARKET online. We have other services such as local marketing, social media optimization, pay per click marketing, Facebook marketing and web design (over 2,000 websites pa).

We actually want to do your online MARKETING for you – we optimise your website compliance for a start, then optimise your online brand by creating social media accounts for you followed by Content Marketing where we design, write and publish monthly campaigns in all the media channels. This will yield many more visitors to your site. There is no other way to maximise your visitors.

On average, our work grows website visitors by 80-400% pa. Do you have this growth planned for your Export, Tourism or Franchise business? With our Content Marketing campaigns, we can make this a reality for you.


SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is the optimisation of technical aspects of a website so that it ranks highly in organic/Google search. These aspects comprise on-page and off-page factors.

On-page technical aspects include meta description and keywords, headings, images, text ratio (always low), frames, flash and compliance factors. Off-page aspects include backlinks and social media links.

Most of the websites we see are of poor quality, have low page ranks, poor in-site/on-page characteristics and compliance, don’t get many visitors and have no backlinks, which indicates low popularity.

Google has adopted a set of Ranking Factors. It covers Content, Backlinks and User Experience and we address these factors in our SEO work.

Content (builds your authority) comprises:

  • Quality – page topic is important for Google – we achieve this by writing and publishing monthly comprehensive content
  • Word count – Google wants 1500-2000 words/page that are comprehensive, long form and natural
  • Keywords – Google has taken the emphasis off keywords because website developers stuffed the sites with keywords. They now want natural writing on topics that is self-explanatory. We still insert the keywords and write about them as part of the content marketing/publishing and we plan out the keyword content to be natural and topical which is also good for backlinks.
  • Images – you must have one video or image to rank well.

Backlinks – Google wants to see different sites endorsing your website pages and we do this by content marketing/publishing so readers see your content and their domains will refer links back to your site which Google will note. Google also wants more external backlinks which we do by publishing quality content monthly.

User experience – this includes mobile responsive design, fast site speed, low bounce rate and Google prefers Https (security).

So SEO is no longer just the technical compliance required by Google and still practised by most web developers. SEO done by most web developers takes months to become effective – our Content Marketing boosts visitors immediately. Clients no longer have to rely on Google search – where only the first 3 rankings get 60% of all clicks – or on Adwords which are very competitive.

Content Marketing and Brand Optimisation have taken over from SEO as the most potent activities that increase website visitors

We have proven this with our Monster Metrics software which analyses the five sources of visitors – search (Google), direct (viewer types in the url), paid ads, social media and referrals. Referrals come from Content Marketing backlinks and we see constantly see Referrals being 75% of all visitors. So that means Content Marketing contributes 3 times the visitors from the other 4 sources including search and paid. We have used monthly content marketing campaigns to boost clients’ website visitors by up to 400% in 4 months from which they doubled sales and profit. Read our blog at https://pattersondigitalmarketing.com/learn-why-content-marketing-is-the-way-of-the-future/.

So why rely on SEO Auckland which gets you 25% of the visitors you could get to your website?

Content Marketing from Patterson Digital Marketing uses state of the art SEO AND Content marketing and Brand Optimisation to boost your website visitors by 4 times. This content is seen by potential customers in New Zealand and worldwide and they click the links and read your site and email or order if they wish. That’s why we specialise in assisting Export and Tourism businesses and Immigration consultancies.

Our SEO Plus integrated with our Brand Optimisation and Content Marketing is proven to grow website visitors, sales and profit. Every business needs to employ content marketing to achieve more customers and sales.

What We Do

Many SEO companies in Auckland consider that website optimisation is all that is necessary to grow website visitors. But we believe that real SEO should place the emphasis on off-page optimisation. Content marketing is the new SEO in New Zealand.

As a respected SEO company in Auckland, Patterson Digital Marketing understands the challenges that many business owners face today. Although the Internet and SEO have provided a way for small and mid-sized businesses a way to compete with larger brands, their lack of visibility prevents them from succeeding online as they are reliant on search engines. For these businesses to achieve the necessary visibility and reach, we have formulated SEO Plus to help you get the most out of SEO so that content marketing grows your brand and sales.

We specialise in using multiple location SEO to grow franchise and other multiple location businesses. We write and optimise with local keywords a web page for each location and include schema and Facebook Places to improve search, visibility and engagement. This capability is proving very good at growing web visitors, customers and sales for Franchises.

Our Auckland-based SEO Plus includes the following features that most do not – we challenge you to show us others that equal this:

Mobile Optimization
SEM Preparation
Image Optimization
Business Presence and Visibility (Local)
Local Optimisation for businesses with multiple locations setup and optimisation (incl schema and Facebook Places) = SEO for each location
Google-amplified Content Production (Premium version only)
Monthly Social Media Content Distribution
Quarterly SEO Maintenance

Video Marketing
HTTPS Migration
Advanced Mobile Optimization.
We offer 2 versions – standard and premium (including Google—amplified content and a greater volume of content).

Progressive Reporting and Analytics

Our propriety platform allows you to sort and analyse vast amounts of data at the click of a button to tracking progress and analyse results. Regular performance reports allow you to see Sources of Visitors in real time (referrals, organic, paid, social and direct), Site Traffic, Search Engine Exposure, Positive Momentum, and much more.

Visitors from content marketing who don’t know you will show up in Referrals and Referrals usually comprise 75% of total website visitors. So without content marketing attracting these visitors, your online marketing is reliant on organic, social and paid sources, which is not a viable strategy.

How May We Help You?

If you wish to learn more about how SEO Plus is boosted by Content Marketing to grow your website visitors, sales and profit, please do not hesitate to schedule a strategy session with a member of our team. You may get in touch by calling (09) 449 1005 or by sending us a message through our Contact page. We look forward to helping you take your business to the next level.