Visitor Metrics

People search for a business via many online sites (50 or so) – not just for its website via search engines. All these sites together comprise the online presence or brand of the business, not just its website. They all contribute many visitors to a business and our SEO work targets visitors from all these sources. That’s why we’re focused on boosting online visitors, rather than on search engine rankings.

We set up and optimise your business’s total online brand network (total online presence) to maximise visitors to it. You need to seek out all those other visitors trying to find you on other third party sites.

This extra reach will enable you to receive so many more website visitors that your sales will boom.  As part of our SEO/Content Marketing services, we give you our Monster Metrics portal which tracks the website visits from each of the 5 channels in real time.  You will be able to see the results of your content marketing from the Referrals, social media marketing from Social visitors, search engine marketing from Search visitors, Direct visitors from advertising and Paid advertising visitors from Adwords and Facebook ads.   You can then adjust your spending on various marketing media to maximise your results.

With real time visitor numbers per page and view time spent shown in our personalised Metrics portal, you can see what marketing actions are working for you, how to improve or optimise your marketing campaigns and website, how to launch successful marketing campaigns and grow your visitors, customers and your sales. Read more on this on our blog at:

Your brand can be seen in 5 media channels – referrals, social media (Facebook, Google +, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest), search, direct and paid ads. Most businesses rely on search (and not well – mainly invisible). We use our services to maximise your visitors from these channels:

Referrals – SEO, blogs, Google + Local, Local marketing
Social – Facebook, YouTube, Google +, Twitter, Pinterest, Online Reputation Management, clients
Search – mobile-responsive web design, SEO, Content marketing, Facebook, YouTube, Local
Direct – PPC, Facebook ads, Remarketing
Paid ads – PPC, Facebook ads, Remarketing.

Referrals – If your website gets a lot of referrals, this means that people are reaching your website via external websites that link to yours. You could be getting these visitors from online directories your website is listed on. They could also come from national or regional news sites, or news sites in your industry that have picked up your press releases or content and have placed links in their stories to your website. People could also be reviewing or recommending your business, products, and services by putting links to your website on their blogs. Lastly, people could be talking about your brand and linking to your website in online forums.

Social Media – Your social visitors come from your social media accounts, such as your LinkedIn profiles and posts, Facebook profiles and posts, your YouTube and Google + searches and your Twitter profiles and posts. Alternatively, social media users may have shared some of your content on their profiles or may have linked to your website via their comments.

Search – You get branded search queries from the major search engines. Branded search queries are search queries that contain your brand name, company name, product or service names and any terms or phrases that are associated with your business. Branded search queries indicate that people recall your brand name. Branded search queries also indicate that people are interested in your business and are trying to look for your business in the major search engines.

Direct visitors – They type your web address directly into their browser. This may come from people who saw your traditional ads — such as your print ads in newspapers and magazine, your billboards, or your brochures and flyers. Your direct visitors may be the result of your online marketing campaigns. People have clicked a link leading to your website on a search engine result, on a blog post or blog comment, on a local directory, on a social media profile or post, or on a promo link. Or you made such an impact on them when they were browsing your website — with your awesome content, articles, and videos; your attractive promos; as well as your overall branding—that they’ve returned to your website by directly typing your website address. They may even have bookmarked it! What’s more, they may have passed along your website address to their colleagues, friends and family.

An increase in your direct visitors indicates that your brand reach has expanded beyond links, search engine results and referrals. An increase in your direct traffic also indicates that you are now getting word of mouth referrals and that your brand is being remembered by customers and prospects.

Paid visitors – respond to clicks on Pay Per Click (PPC) ads. This can be from Google Adwords or Facebook ads – and clicks from Remarketing banners. How well are your ads performing? Are they giving you the visitors you need? Or do you need to take action to improve their performance?

Online marketing and branding is not just about dominating the online world; neither is it just about dominating search results. It is about winning the hearts of your target market.

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