Boost Your Sales by Diverting Your Adwords Ad Clicks to a Landing Page, not Your Website

I read on a web company’s website recently that the purpose of adwords is to grow your website visitors.

Not True.

The purpose of adwords is to sell your product and it works well if done correctly.

Websites are for readers to do research and increase their knowledge about a product they are interested in and they will probably visit several websites with similar products to compare before taking purchase action.

The problem is that most websites are poorly on- and off-page optimised and therefore invisible. Web companies push adwords as a way of increasing visitors. But this is a very expensive way of getting visitors – $10 per visitor click and no product purchase to pay for it. It is cheaper over 6 months to use good SEO, Content Marketing and internet resources like social media, YouTube, Google + and more to broaden your online visibility.

If a business wants to sell something, they should make an attractive offer with a strong Call to Action and the best vehicle for this is a Landing Page. Conversions from Landing Pages are 65% higher than those from websites because they have an attractive offer and a Call to Action. A key success factor in any campaign is the quality of the landing page to which prospects are taken once they have clicked on the advert. It is well-known in the marketing industry about the power of landing page optimisation and how if applied correctly, can send conversion rates through the roof.

The components of a Landing Page (quite different to those of a website) are:

1) Relevancy:

If visitors have found you via typing in search terms then they will want to see those keywords on the landing page as this will ascertain that they have clicked on the right advert. The current homepage-landing page does not immediately tell the visitor what services/products are provided by your business.

2) Visibility of Contact Information:

Your landing page does not have highly visible contact info. Showing your phone number lets people
know you are real and can easily interact with you on a personal level.

3) Design & Content:

Your landing page needs to be clear and easy to see. The design must be eye catching and engage with the visitor. Your imagery does match your business theme. Your content needs to be highly relevant to your keywords.

4) Call To Action (CTA):

Determine what you want your call to action to be. Do you want your visitors to call you or make an online enquiry? Make your CTA eye-catching and position it above the fold in a prominent position.

5) Testimonials/Reviews:

It is vital to earn trust quickly between you and the potential customer. Having clear and concise testimonials in a prominent position on the landing page can help build confidence in your products.

6) Incentives:

We recommend offering something unique to encourage visitors to contact you such as a special offer.

We design your Landing Page as part of our service. Click here to view a sample of a very effective Landing Page we use.

So stop the clicks on your adwords ads diverting to your website. You need to divert clicks to a Landing Page with the above components, an attractive offer and a Call to Action for readers to buy now and boost your sales.

Call us NOW on 027 489 5009 or email and ask for our FREE audit of your campaign and you’ll see how bad your Conversion Rate (to customer) is and why you need to use a Landing Page.

Chris Kirkham