Facebook Marketing That Gets Sales


Patterson Digital Marketing Now Offers Proven Facebook Marketing for Clients Patterson Digital Marketing now offers proven Facebook and other social media marketing for clients. The objective of Social Media Marketing is to use Content Marketing to engage and inform your customers through their social accounts with a view to enticing […] Read more »

Use Social Media Marketing to Get Sales


  Anatomy of a Social Buyer – Understand Your Customer Social media marketing is a business necessity. It increases awareness about a business, brand, product or service, and amplifies the engagement with your target audience and so generates more leads, prospects and customers. Owners understand that for their venture to withstand the […] Read more »

Why Our SEO and Monthly Marketing Campaigns Really Boost Your Website Visitors and Sales


The Key to Our Success in Boosting Your Brand, Visitors and Sales We target third party websites, use several media channels and write UNIQUE content for our Monthly Marketing Campaigns to boost visitors and sales for our clients. Third Party Websites and Media Channels  Visitors come from  5 media channels – social media, referrals, direct, […] Read more »

Video Marketing and Video SEO Will Boost Your Google Ranking, Reader Engagement and Conversion to Sale


Video Marketing and Video SEO Is Hot !! Video Marketing uses video to promote or market your brand, products or services. Strong online marketing campaigns incorporate video into the mix. Video SEO uses videos to rank your website higher in Google search. Videos are watched heavily by mobile searchers.  This […] Read more »

Does Your Website Rank in the Top 4 of Google?


Most Websites Are Invisible in Search The whole point of a website is to generate visitors and convert them into customers. You probably put up a website hoping that prospects will find it in search and expect enquiries to flood in. Google search is one of the channels searchers use […] Read more »