Content Marketing Grows Your Brand and Sales by Nurturing Loyalty and Trust

Your business website is the window into your enterprise. This is why you need to think seriously about your content. With this being the first element of a site that is digested by a viewer, content reigns supreme in digital marketing. It determines whether users stay on your page and return to it repeatedly. It’s a field to which spectators flock, so to speak. Build it well and they will come, but only if your content is of value to the visitor. It must inform and intrigue.

Studies reveal that brands excelling in content marketing tend to attract 7.8 times more traffic than those choosing to neglect improvements to their content. Moreover, a 2015 survey also found that 56% of all digital marketers believe personalized content leads to noticeably better engagement rates. Apart from its traffic benefits, content marketing can support and advance many other facets of your business online.

Increase Your Brand Affinity across All Markets

Brand affinity proves to be a useful metric for informing a company about its own market’s behavior. For example, if a company’s following trails off because another brand offers a similar product or service, that company gains an insight into its consumers’ behavior. If its faithful stick with the company’s brand, then that company learns that its market audience tends to be loyal.

Finally, brand affinity allows you to measure the likelihood of your followers to refer your brand to another consumer. Overall satisfaction with your product and its brand cultivate such referrals. Meanwhile, the affinity and loyalty of those referring you only grows. Your obligation to them is to continue providing meaningful and compelling content.

Grow Your Remarketing Audience

When your web content is done right, there is a greater chance for you to appeal to your remarketing audience successfully—that group of users worth retaining because their interest in your brand translates into a greater chance of conversion (i.e., sales).

Through solid content, you will be able to deliver a relevant message to your target audience that persuades them to visit your website and try your product or service.

Increase Your Traffic Via Image Searches

When we talk about improving content, we are not only referring to text. Metadata—images and videos on your site—must be integrated. It’s as important, if not more so, as the text on your site. Through fetching metadata, you stand a better chance of showing up on the first few pages of image search results. You might not realize it, but image searches can prove to be another invaluable source of significant traffic to your site.

It’s necessary to understand how conscientious attention to content marketing grows your brand and sales. Through well-written articles that prove valuable to your market audience while showcasing your products or services, you can develop an unprecedented following for your brand. Such is the power of content marketing. By mastering it, you are building your business.

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Chris Kirkham