Content Marketing Grows Your Website Visitors Effectively When You Do it Correctly

You’ve probably heard the phrase “content marketing” thrown around and wondered what it really means. If your business has focused on traditional marketing over the years, then once you understand it, you will begin to see content marketing as the next logical step for marketing your business.

Content marketing works by creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience. Such content raises your position in search engine results, thereby increasing traffic to your website.

As with any marketing strategy, there are ways to do content marketing right, and there are ways to do it wrong. When you do it right, content marketing grows your website visitors.


The Effect of Quantity 

You might think that the more content you publish, the less likely people are to keep reading it, but this is not necessarily true. No matter the volume, expert marketers insist that posting relevant, targeted content will keep visitors coming back to your website.

Though how often you should publish content varies—depending on your company size, industry and sales strategy—one study shows that B2B companies who published 16 blog posts a month received 3.5 times more traffic than those who only published four posts a month. Similar results surfaced for B2C companies, enjoying 4.5 times more traffic when posting 16 posts a month.

Additionally, research indicates that companies posting a total of 401 blog posts on their website receive a significant spike in their traffic, compared to companies who only post 301-400 blogs. In some cases, almost twice the amount of traffic results.

Content Still Needs Quality 

Yes, publishing content regularly draws more traffic, but you can’t afford to lose sight of the quality of your content. There are ways to ensure that your quality doesn’t slip as your volume of postings rises.

One of the easiest ways to ensure the same content quality is to reduce the verbosity of your posts. Extraneous posts are generally unsustainable because the results take too long to attain. As a general rule, a good content marketing strategy will focus on shorter posts with higher post frequency.

Combining volume and high-quality content proves a great tool for growing your website visitors, who will always return to your site for valuable information relevant to their lives. To find out more about how this content method can become part of your content marketing strategy, speak to a digital marketing company with experience in creating content.  Email

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