Convert Your Website Visitors into Leads and Sales

When you DO get visitors, what happens to them? Sadly, not many convert into leads or sales. Why? Because conversion to a sale requires a lot of follow-up and nurturing – most people take up to 7 touches before they buy. Most businesses give up after 2-3 touches because they would need an army of employees to convert all leads to sales.

What is needed is a SYSTEM that converts your visitors into leads and then sales. The SYSTEM takes care of each step automatically to ensure leads are generated from visitors and then converted to sales.

We assist you to grow your sales by implementing an AUTOMATED SYSTEM to generate leads, capture them into an auto-responder system, nurture them with email and post campaigns until they convert into a sale, maximise your customer base and measure the results at each stage. Automation of the system is the only way to implement the processes and achieve the results.

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The components of the SYSTEM solve a number of lead problems for businesses:

Website visitor generation
Problems – Website not found, need more leads and customers
Solutions – Search – SEO, content marketing, mobile-responsive web design, local marketing, blog,
YouTube, Facebook
Solutions – Paid ads – Pay Per Click, Facebook

Lead capture
Problems – No prospect info, don’t know who my leads are
Solutions – Landing pages capture prospect info into an auto-responder

Lead nurture
Problems – No prospect follow-up, no prospect bonding
Solutions – Automated email and post campaigns, Remarketing

Sales conversion
Problems – Low sales conversion, bad reputation
Solutions – Social media, reputation marketing

Maximising your customer base
Problems – No repeat customers, no referrals
Solutions – Referral campaigns, reactivate customers, loyalty & retention apps

Measuring your processes
Problems – Don’t know what is working
Solutions – Monster Metrics, auto-responder data, quarterly brand expansion score

Lead generation
• All your content and marketing effort should be leveraged into one Circle of Leads that unifies content and leads and feeds them into a Lead Funnel on your website. Your Lead Funnel compiles a database of leads and you create even more leads by emailing your database with new posts, videos and blogs to your Facebook, YouTube and blog. Our services boost your leads from the 5 media channels:
Organic search – Mobile-responsive web design, SEO, Content Marketing, Facebook, YouTube, Local
Referrals – SEO, blogs, Google + Local, Local marketing
Social media – Facebook, YouTube, Google+, Twitter, Online Reputation Management, clients
Direct – PPC, Facebook ads, Remarketing
Paid Ads – PPC, Facebook ads, Remarketing
• Content marketing is essential to build your brand online. With the right kind of content, you can build and optimize your brand on the Internet so that it brings more leads to your website and more sales to your business. More importantly, it can improve the overall image of the business and result in more sales, referrals and consequently, more website traffic. The cycle goes on and on. Content should be leveraged through several media channels to create a circle of leads that is directed to your website lead funnel.
• Research shows that organizations use content marketing to raise brand awareness for customer acquisition, customer retention / loyalty, engagement and website leads. Today’s businesses want to improve their branding online and are using content to make it happen.
• In our online marketing, content is optimized by making it more “searchable” by searchers. We use content for branding and we tailor it to improve the image of the business. We highlight the strengths of your business and make potential and existing customers understand why they should deal with you. Although branded articles and videos are more difficult to create, if you succeed, you’ll not only get those website leads you need, you’ll also be able to build and optimize your brand. Progressive marketers are going in this direction.
• You need to include all people who influence the purchase behaviour in your website targeting so they can do their research and enter your website lead funnel
• Many businesses say they have a website mainly for product information but it needs to boost their brand and drive leads, either online or offline
• When you have optimised your lead generation capability, you need to do an email/post product launch to your customer segments giving them an initial offer they can’t refuse to grow your leads
• You should use PPC ads and Facebook ads to put your products and brand in front of searchers in Google and on Facebook. This will give you instant leads.

Lead Capture
• You need to know who is viewing your website info – offer as a lead generation magnet a valuable Free Report giving them a solution or desire they are searching for – it could be entitled (say) – “The 7 things you need to avoid when you buy a new (your product)” – and ask for their email address and when they submit this, they will automatically get the Free Report – this is called a Landing Page and the email addresses (leads) go into a Lead Funnel database and you can start an email nurture campaign to them. We can show you examples of this. This step and the following nurture steps are SO IMPORTANT.
• You must market your Landing Page to searchers using Facebook ads, postcards, adwords PPC and newspaper ads.

Lead Nurture
• After your new leads get the Free Report, you should email and post your product offer and twice per week until they buy, you should automatically email them other useful tips about your product and do weekly postcard campaigns – it takes up to 7 touches for people to buy – if you don’t follow-up, you’ll never convert them to a sale
• PPC Remarketing puts a banner ad on the websites that searchers (who visited your website but did not purchase) use so you are constantly in front of them – this is very powerful and is frequently used by marketers. Facebook also uses Remarketing to convert enquiries into sales. Remarketing can triple sales.

Conversion to a Sale
• All the leads in the world are useless unless they buy your product.
• Social media – Facebook and Google Social Dominator – offers prospects social proof and reviews that are important to buyers and helps them convert – our Google Social Dominator product will get you sales from month 2 from all the leads inside Google+, YouTube and Blogger. Social Media is crucial for branding.
• We offer our Reputation Marketing product that enhances your Brand by boosting positive reviews and other feedback.

Maximising your Customer Base
• Use Mobile Apps to retain your customers by sending regular communications about news, reviews, tips, specials, new products, reminders and so on
• Referral and lost customer reactivation email campaigns give good results.

• Most websites don’t get many searches and most businesses don’t measure metrics – you need to do this fast – our Monster Metrics software that will do this very cheaply = 50 cents per day. If you don’t know what is working, you cannot improve the SYSTEM. Monster Metrics measures the leads, page impressions, clicks and CTR (click through rate) and improvement from the previous month from each of the 5 media channels – organic search, paid, referrals, direct and social media – and you can take action to improve these metrics as you go on. The auto-responder will give data on each stage of the above process. And you will receive a Brand Expansion Score from us quarterly calculated from the leads your website receives.