Cosmetic Surgeon Boosts Online Visitors by 900% in 6 Months

Online Branding and Presence

People search for a business via many online sites (50 or so) – not just for its website via search engines. All these sites together comprise the online presence or brand of the business, not just its website. They all contribute many visitors to a business and our SEO work targets visitors from all these sources. That’s why we’re focused on online visitors, rather than on search engine rankings.

We’re unique and different. We set up and optimise your business’s total online brand network (total online presence) to maximise visitors to it. You need to seek out all those other visitors trying to find you on other third party sites.

In our SEO work, we do full on and off page website optimisation. We also optimise your online presence external to the website – your top 10 directories, top 5 offsite blogs, top 10 social sharing accounts (Reddit, Digg, social bookmarking sites), top 10 social media accounts, top 5 press release accounts, Google + accounts and authorship and others – 50 or so in total.

We publish content for you to these third party sites and run marketing campaigns to them to drive more visitors to you from third party sites like an offsite blog page, a press release, your LinkedIn account, your Facebook account, Yelp, Twitter and many others. This is really powerful.

Cosmetic Surgeon’s Huge Growth in Visitors

Here is a case study of a US cosmetic surgeon’s huge growth in monthly visitor numbers after 6 months of SEO work and online marketing that boosted its online branding and presence which resulted in increased clients and achieved its business growth goals:

Visitor Source

Primary directory presence – increased from 3 to 50 – 1667%
Top social media accounts – increased from 2 to 10 – 500%
Top blog accounts – increased from 0 to 5 – 500%
Top social sharing accounts – increased from 0 to 10 – 1000%
Moz page score – increased from 23% to 95% – 413%
Indexed pages of website (Google) – increased from 214 to 471 – 220%
Back links to website – increased from 61 to 287 – 470%
Keyword visibility quantity – increased from 24 to 219 – 917%
Monthly impressions – increased from 100 to 1400 – 1400%
Third party references ranking – increased from 9 to 68 – 756%
Number of Monthly Visitors – increased from 114 to 1020 – 900%.

Note: The back-links and indexed pages were quite high and the website was poorly optimised at the start and the results took off when fixed through the SEO and marketing work. The brand expansion work through all the external third party sites has resulted in a huge increase in Monthly Visitors.

You can now achieve this too with the same world class SEO and content marketing campaigns done for the Cosmetic Surgeon. Patterson Digital Marketing and our US Partner are ready to implement them for you. Call or email us now for a strategy session.

Brand Expansion

We have developed the concept of Brand Expansion. We measure your existing online brand footprint (comprising all the third party sites-sources that we find have searchers looking for you – see above) at the start of our SEO work as a baseline. We then commence our SEO work, initially setting up all the accounts needed to measure the third party sites, then posting content and sending marketing campaigns to them each month.

Every quarter (and maybe monthly in future), we give you a Report showing the movement in each of the (50 or so) third party sites and an aggregate score which we have termed Brand Expansion. We expect this Brand Expansion score to increase significantly over one year to generate a large increase in monthly visitors and to significantly increase customers and revenue for your business. At our quarterly check-in meetings, we discuss our Report with you, the reasons for last quarter’s progress and the campaigns-content for the next quarter to further boost your Brand Expansion.

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Chris Kirkham