Does Your Website Rank in the Top 4 of Google?

Most Websites Are Invisible in Search

The whole point of a website is to generate visitors and convert them into customers.

You probably put up a website hoping that prospects will find it in search and expect enquiries to flood in. Google search is one of the channels searchers use to find a website they can click on and read the content that they hope will inform them and satisfy their needs.

But this isn’t happening for you.

The reason is because most websites are invisible in search and most businesses rely on search to be found. So their website doesn’t generate many visitors from search as they are not found by most searchers. This is the reality for most websites. Is this the case for you? Are you struggling to get visitors online?

Your website is most likely invisible in search because only the first 4 or 5 websites get any decent market exposure. Studies by Optify show that 89% of searchers choose a site ranked in the first 10 on page 1 and of those, 66% click on the first 4 sites:

36.0% click on Rank 1
12.5% click on Rank 2
9.5% click on Rank 3
7.9% click on Rank 4
6.1% click on Rank 5
4.1% click on Rank 6
3.8% click on Rank 7
3.5% click on Rank 8
3.0% click on Rank 9
2.2% click on Rank 10.

Sites ranked after 10 on page 1 and those on page 2 get 1% of searches and following pages get none.

So if your website does not rank in the first 4 or 5, then you will really struggle to get sufficient visitors online.

Where Does Your Website Rank?

Look up Google for your best keyword and see where your website ranks – don’t count the first 3 with the small gold icons – these are paid Adwords ads. When you count, include the Google + sites.

If you’re not in the first 4 or 5 ranking, then you’re essentially invisible to most searchers as you attract only a small percentage of the market. You must take action to improve your performance.

Usually, the first 4 or 5 businesses listed have a considerable investment in their ranking and it is hard to dislodge them. Businesses with poor rankings demand their web developers make changes to enhance their rankings but this usually doesn’t work as web developers are not experts in SEO or online marketing. They beaver away making small changes and improve ranking by a few places but generally this is a waste of a business’s money.

Some businesses even ask their web developer to design a new website. This may even get onto the bottom of page 1 of Google but the number of visitors generated does not return the investment.

Neither of these actions usually results in a good return on the investment.

So What Should a Business Do to Become Visible?

Luckily for you, website ranking (visibility) is not the same as website visitors. High rankings help but there are other sources of visitors you need to use to attract visitors.

Most websites actually prevent businesses from growing their business. The reason is they don’t have the accounts and other infrastructure setup and optimised so that online marketing can proceed.

To become visible online, you need to use the services of a world class specialist SEO and online marketing firm to undertake full SEO (on and off-page SEO), extensive keyword research to find the keywords that most searchers use, write lots of attractive content and do monthly ACTIVE ONLINE MARKETING campaigns to market for visitors through other channels like Social Media, Referral, Direct and Paid Ads to complement your search results. You need to track the visitors to EACH page of your website to ensure you maximize the visitors to each page.

Your website needs to be mobile-responsive so you can attract the 70% of visitors using mobile devices – further increasing your visitors.

How Effective is This for a Business?

This is so effective for a business that Patterson Digital Marketing GUARANTEES a 40% increase in your website visitors over one year. We start with full SEO and add suitable Services. This expands the reach of your brand and boosts your visitors, leads, customers and sales. We market your brand with monthly campaigns to maximise your website visitors. And we track your visitor numbers from each of the five media channels we use.

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