Patterson Digital Marketing now offers proven Facebook and other social media marketing for clients

The objective of Social Media Marketing is to use Content Marketing to engage and inform your customers through their social accounts with a view to enticing them to eventually purchase from you. Most purchasers take many interactions with you before they trust you and your products enough to purchase. Social Media Marketing boosts this engagement significantly and usually provides a huge ROI.

Facebook Marketing

Strategy – the strategy for Facebook advertising is to recoup say $2,000 of gross profit for every $1,000 ad spend. That way, the more you spend, the more GP you make. That’s the formula we’re trying to find for you.

Facebook Marketing is very simple and profitable BUT you cannot SELL until you have 1,000-1,500 LIKES and you will not get those LIKES unless you POST engaging content EVERY DAY or TWO.

Our package includes:
•Facebook Business Page set up and design linked to your website
•Posts to the page – 10, 30,60 and 90 posts per month
•Like Campaign set up, design and management
•Facebook Ads Campaign set up, design and management.

Facebook Business Page

The Business Page Header design will be consistent with your company branding. It will invite viewers to click to your website. We will then install a Facebook Retargeting pixel on your website to identify every website visitor and save them into a group called a Custom Audience which you can market to with FB Ads.

Facebook Posts

Facebook is about informing readers and building engagement with them through sharing interesting and informative information about your subject. You want people to see the value in your FB page so they and their friends go to your website to view your products and go to your store to buy. Its primary focus will be to inform your customers about your business, products and service. So we’ll post for you every day to boost your engagement with readers.

Our posts will target everyone on Facebook with our chosen very specific audience – interests, magazines they read, groups they belong to. A custom audience works well as a targeting option too. This can be from web visitors, existing customers, and emails/phone numbers. Retargeting will also build up this data.

We will follow the posting process below and is totally hands-off for the client:
1.The first step is to conduct niche research relevant to the client’s product or service and find highly engaged authority Facebook accounts that we can follow.
2.We look for new viral content on Facebook in your niche on a daily basis.
3.We select content that is a good fit for your Facebook page.
4.We prepare the post wording and linking.
5.We schedule the post so it posts automatically – this is important to ensure that posts are consistently made on a regular basis.
6.Repeat the process for the next post.
7.Monitor engagement of each post for further promotional opportunities.
8.Monitor post comments and reply where appropriate to increase engagement.
A Facebook posting schedule can be setup for you in less than 48 if hours if you have an existing Facebook Business page.

Facebook LIKE Campaign

You need to build as many LIKES as possible as these people FOLLOW you and receive your posts and Ads. You need to have a goal of 3,000-5,000 LIKES after 3 months. The more LIKES you have, the more people to whom you can promote. It is like we’re giving you a list of 5,000 qualified buyers. Ads will include topics such as how to use your product, top tips for a getting the most benefit from your product and more. At $10/day ad spend, you are likely to reach/be seen by 1000-1500/day.

We will carry out niche-specific target audience research. Then create suitable Facebook advertising copy and images to promote your posts and get targeted LIKES to your page. Typically a LIKE Campaign will increase followers for less than 30 cents per LIKE in Facebook Ad spend. This gives you targeted followers you can market to over and over again.

Facebook Ad campaigns

Ad campaigns to sell products and promotional offers entail creating ads, creating Landing pages for readers to insert their name/email and email autoresponder sequences. We will advertise up to 4 products carefully selected with a price discount , buy one-get one free and coupons to entice website buyers. A Landing Page gets conversion rates of up to 30% compared to a website at 1-3%. You need to choose an offer that gets the most reach and sales. You need to present the offer carefully to your audience to take advantage of their passion and inject urgency with a deadline.

We will create suitable Facebook advertising copy and images to promote aspects of your business. If these Ads drive customers to a Landing Page where they can download a FREE incentive in return for their name and email, we will design the Landing Page, FREE incentive and autoresponder sequences necessary for your promotion to result in sales.

Pinterest, Instagram and Video Marketing

Once your Facebook Marketing is underway, we will look at utilising other social platforms – Pinterest, Instagram and Video. The posting process is similar to that described for Facebook.

Service Options

There is no contract – you can cancel at any time by giving us 7 days notice in writing not to renew your monthly retainer. Invest month by month until you wish to stop.

We will implement your Facebook Marketing, establish a sound strategy, ensure your promotion has a competitive advantage, set up the Facebook Ads, opt-in and landing pages, email templates, coupons and downloadable information.

If you want to boost your customer numbers and sales with Facebook, CALL US on (09) 449 1005 or (027) 489 5009 or email and we’ll get you on the road to success.

Chris Kirkham