How Our Content Marketing Will Boost Your Leads and Sales

The ultimate marketing goal is generating qualified leads to convert into sales. Generating qualified leads is made a lot easier with high-quality content.

The thing about content is that it’s so versatile that brands often believe that creating any content will work for their goals. In reality, reaching a specific goal requires specific content. To generate qualified leads, you’ll need to develop a plan that leverages certain types of content that all work together to bring you closer to your goal.

The right kinds of content can work together to create a funnel of consistent opportunity for your company. It begins with content published outside your own website, which engages new audiences and helps you build trust with them. That content can guide interested readers back to your website, where a variety of relevant, educational resources can convert visitors into leads who are primed for your messaging via email nurture campaigns.

How Content Marketing Works to Generate Leads

A good lead-generation strategy draws in audience members who:
• Trust your brand and the content you publish
• Have a pain point they’d like to solve
• Need something your company offers.

Effective content for generating leads is:
• Exclusive, original, and high-quality
• Useful for alleviating or solving audience pain points
• Well-designed and engaging.

For content to generate leads, your audience should be able to access it via:
• Online publications and media your audience trusts
• Your company website and blog
• Clear and compelling forms and landing pages.

Content plays a powerful role in helping your company generate leads. From attracting qualified site visitors to converting, nurturing, and delivering warm leads to your sales team, content marketing for lead generation can help you create a funnel of consistent opportunity for your company. The secret lies in creating and publishing the right kinds of content for your audience; using all the pieces of your content together as a bigger strategy to attract site visitors, convert leads, and nurture them throughout their buyer journey; and fuel your lead generation over time.

Off-site content helps you reach and engage a new audience. And when the media you earn includes links to the media you own, you’re able to create a direct path for interested audience members to make their way to your site.

On-site content offers more education around the topics your readers are interested in and also keeps your site visitors engaged, reinforces your position as a helpful resource, and gives your visitors the opportunity to convert. In fact, 66 percent of B2B marketers say gated content (hidden behind a landing page) downloads are the content type that generates leads with the highest customer conversion rate. Post your content to your website blog. When your blog is full of great content, and your offers are compelling, you’ll be much more likely to attract and convert visitors.

You need insight into the performance of each of your individual blog posts, including number of views, call-to-action (CTA) clicks, conversion rates, and more. Beyond your blog, you need access to the analytics of your entire website. This allows you to assess how well your content is performing in the context of your site and gives you clues as to how you can optimize your conversion rates across your website.

The Metrics That Can Help You Monitor Progress

Clickbacks to your site measures the number of visitors who click through links in your guest-contributed articles and press mentions to your website. Clickbacks, measured via referral traffic, usually indicate that users have found your off-site content useful and would like to engage further with your company. If your site has lots of clicks back to your website from your off-site content, then you’re doing a great job of engaging the right audience by publishing content in the right online media and enticing them to visit your site for more.

Lead conversions give valuable insight into how effectively targeted your content is. Use content to expand or restrict the reach of the net you cast to grow conversions

On-site analytics and engagement. When you publish content to your company website, you can use your own analytics to monitor its performance. Look to metrics like time on site, finish rate, and bounce rate to see what pieces of content keep readers engaged on-site, and use conversion rate metrics to see which ones led visitors to take certain actions on your site.

3 Ways to Maximize Your Success

1 Amplify your content through strategic distribution. Sharing your content on social media is one of the simplest ways to start the distribution process. Fuel your social media efforts, engage your social followers, and attract leads to your content with consistent updates on the platforms your audience members are most engaged with. A consistent flow of content will also help you gain more followers. Content distribution is a crucial step in ensuring your content reaches the right people. It allows you to engage your current audience members and consistently get your content in front of new potential leads.

Targeted amplification via paid distribution is a powerful way to boost the reach and impact of your content among targeted, qualified members of your audience beyond your organic network.

2 Optimize your content for search. With the internet at their fingertips, your audience members are turning to search engines to find as much information as they can to understand their problems and find the best solutions to them. Investing in search engine optimization (SEO) can help you make sure those potential leads find your solutions. Keyword research can help you understand exactly what your audience is looking for, where your competitors stand, and how you can optimize your content to consistently drive traffic and leads to your website.

3 Diversify the types of gated content you use. Gated content can be tremendously effective in generating leads – offer a diverse array of gated content. Developing a variety of gated resources can give you a valuable opportunity to link back to specific, relevant pieces of your other content, like blog posts or other articles.

Done For You by Patterson Digital Marketing

Patterson Digital Marketing does all this for you by:

•writing content monthly with your website url embedded so readers can click back to your site to read more and phone/email you and order
•distributing content on the internet to carefully selected media and social media sites
•posting content to your blog and social media pages
•carrying out advanced SEO on your website to ensure content located on your website is optimised for search
•setting up Remarketing on your website to nurture visitors
•running Facebook and Google ads if agreed.

We have had great success with our SEO/content marketing/social media product. We grew the leads and customers worldwide for an Immigration Adviser by 400% in just a few months. Prior to this, the Adviser was little known online and had little website traffic. Our SEO/content marketing grew click backs hugely to provide the growth in web visitors, leads and sales.

We now offer our Integrated Traffic Marketing product which includes all the above where we do all the digital marketing, adjusting the mix every month, to ensure your website traffic grows and provides leads for you to convert to sales.

So you’ve got rocks in your head if you don’t use Content Marketing (with advanced SEO) to grow your sales. With our Done-For-You product for only a small cost, your ROI will be huge.

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Chris Kirkham