How to Use Your Website for Greater Online Lead Generation

Firms that Generate 60% of their Leads Online Grow at 30% pa and are Twice as Profitable

Generating new leads should be the top priority of websites. Today, savvy firms are utilizing their websites to not only communicate with their target audiences but also to deliver high-quality leads and nurture prospective clients. Our research shows that firms that generate at least 60% of their leads online grow at 30% pa (4x faster than firms getting 20% of leads online) and are twice as profitable as their competition.

Optimize your website for online lead generation

Your website serves as the central hub of your online presence. It is often the first place people go when they learn of your firm. It should convey who you are, services you provide, how you can help and differentiate you from the competition. There is a direct correlation between website traffic and the number of conversions and leads a website generates.

To start you will need to “steer” target audiences to your site by inserting keywords with maximum search numbers throughout the content of your site. Keywords are specific words or phrases that potential clients are likely to type into a search engine when conducting online research.

For online lead generation to be most effective once visitors are on your site, you have seconds to attract them and provide relevant content to engage them and move them further down the sales funnel. Start with clear, compelling messaging on your homepage that quickly allows a visitor to understand how you can help them and what differentiates you from competitors. Be sure to include at least 200 words of search engine optimized (SEO) copy on your homepage and pay special attention to ease of navigation.

Optimize your brand presence so you are seen everywhere online

Your brand should be seen on social media, social sharing, article, press release and blog sites. Many interested prospects will see your brand here before they even know about your website or search for it. If you can be found on Facebook, Youtube, Google+, Linkedin, social sharing sites and blog and articles sites, you will create a circle of content so more readers will see it and visit your website via the links to keywords from this content.

You need to use Content Marketing to write and publish monthly relevant content online

Every month you need to write content, keyword-optimize it and publish it online as above. This content is an important vehicle for supplying a steady flow of informative, educational content that demonstrates your expertise and relevance to your target audience. It is read by people who do not know you but who will click the links to your website to read more – you’ve found them rather than relying on them finding you. Content Marketing is proven to boost website visitors and sales.

Use Facebook, Google or Youtube Ads to drive readers to your website

These ads are cheap, direct and the ad spend is controllable. If you know you can generate $1.50 for every $1.00 spent on ads, then you can advertise freely to increase your website visitors and sales.

Offer opportunities to engage more directly

Use targeted offers in various places on the site to further engage visitors. Offers can be for the download of premium content, sign up for a free consultation, coupons or promotions. When a prospect responds to an offer this allows your business development team to better assess each lead and how likely they are to convert to an opportunity based on where they are in the sales funnel. You need to increase the level of engagement of readers so they have more direct interaction with your organization – do this and the closer you are to closing a sale.

Create compelling, downloadable educational content

In addition to the above content posted on your website, visitors should be able to download a wealth of premium content to assist them in their purchase decision. Premium content is typically longer format than blog posts and delves deeper into specific topics. It should include informative, educational content that are beneficial resources for visitors to the site.

Implement simple forms to grow your prospect list

To aid in online lead generation, premium content is often placed behind a lead capture form which collects basic information (first name and email – short is best) which allows for converting interested visitors into leads. Prospects who are willing to submit basic information for content that they perceive as valuable are prime leads. You will want to add them to your prospect list for ongoing marketing campaigns via autoresponders.

Test, analyze and adjust as needed

Use a CRM or Google analytics to track visitors’ interaction with your site. What pages do they frequent most? What content have they downloaded? Which offers have they responded to? If you’re not hitting the conversion rates you desire or you want to see what works best for driving response rates, you should regularly test your content and offers by changing headlines or graphics, and be sure that offers are placed where they’re most likely be noticed. Online lead generation requires ongoing maintenance and adjustment.

Based on a blog by Candis Roussel, Hinge Marketing

If you have not included all these elements in your website, you’re not utilizing its power to maximize its lead generation capability.

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