If You Don’t Optimise Your Social Media, Your Marketing Efforts for More Visitors and Sales Will Be in Vain

You’re Wasting Your Time With Social Media Marketing if You Don’t Optimise Your Media and Your Website 

Many businesses think that Social Media Marketing success is about just posting in each channel.  It’s NOT and you will achieve little effect from this.  Your channel must be optimised first with your website and set up correctly to attract users to use the Call to Action and get them to your website.  This requires technical expertise.

You must optimise your social media for your marketing, content and connections for high audience reach, engagement and amplification for brand building and sales.

We start by creating, designing and optimising your profile for each channel including banners, business page creation and optimisation, branded content writing for the business page AND for the business page SEO tab (including targeted keywords in order to promote your products or services) and set up social sharing and social interaction buttons on your website to increase customer engagement and get the viral effect for your content.  We do this for Facebook, Google +, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and your Blog.  LinkedIn is used more for B2B contact while the others are used for both B2B and B2C contact.  Facebook is by far the largest and has a very strong presence.

Then monthly, we provide the following marketing services:

  • profile updates, comments and discussions
  • back-link building into your website from updates and comments to maximise website visitors and search ranking
  • join groups and circles – good for networking
  • acquire friends and followers
  • business page and photo updates on new events, discounts, promotions and coupon marketing to reward and encourage customer checkins, referrals, loyal customers and particular product or service use/extension such as maintenance or new products – users will visit your page often to see these promotions
  • Facebook Places and Google + Local (Places) and Foursquare listings are great for attracting readers
  • checkins are a great promotional tool and have a viral effect
  • back-link building into your website from page updates to maximise website visitors.  

Social Media Users Search for Local Businesses

Local business search users on social networks are heavily engaged with local social content.  They are involved in generating and using content – reading others experiences, learning about businesses, brands, products and services, and providing reviews which are great for customer attraction.  This makes social media a very good venue to build your brand, customer loyalty and viral promotion.

Social media ranks second as a source of leads and content marketing for businesses with SEO 94% and social edia 85% – your competitors are using it.

Facebook is constantly changing

You need to keep up to date with Facebook.  For instance, do you know that the LIKE button on your website to collect page likes is going away?  It will be replaced by a page plug-in – do you know how to install it?

Mobile use and video use are increasing fast in popularity – users watch more videos, especially mobile users – 30% of mobile users watch videos on Facebook.

In December 2014, brands posted 20,000 more videos on Facebook than YouTube. Facebook’s daily views jumped from 3 billion to 4 billion in less than 4 months.  Facebook is after short entertaining videos for its instant real time newsfeed with easy sharing.  YouTube videos tend to be long term search-based how-to views.  Facebook has opened the door for video to see incredible results with minimal effort.   And their video Ads are showing amazing results.

We’ll show you some simple steps to make videos for Facebook that will give you great results.  And you should boost those video posts for even better results.

So don’t just have a contractor do a few posts for you – set a strategy to use Facebook video posts to grow your engagement and interest in your products and make Facebook a central plank in your product promotions and marketing in this exciting Social Media space.  There is so much more you can do than putting up a few boring posts.

Use Facebook Ads to Boost Your Visitors

Facebook can boost your business for you with promoted posts, FB ads, retargeting (those who visit your website) and can create “lookalike” audiences – they search their database for potential users who have the characteristics of your customers already on Facebook – Facebook does the heavy lifting for you and brings you prospective new customers that you didn’t even know about.

Facebook accurately identifies your market and gives you the size for your audience campaign down to the suburb, family size and many more “interest” variables.

Patterson Digital Marketing clients who take our Social Media Marketing products receive all the above although those interested in FB ads and other services in the para above need to separately sign to use those as they require advertising payments direct to Facebook (similar to adwords payments to Google).

Google Social Dominator

Our heavyweight social media product is Google Social Dominator.  It comprises Google +, YouTube, Blogger (for blogs), Picasa (photo sharing) and Feedburner (for RSS feeds).  These are all owned by Google and, when used together, are recognised by Google and they track your footprint and give you favourable treatment in search, adwords, backlinks and other Google marketing instruments.  The result is more website visitors and hence customers and sales.  This social product is very popular with our US Team’s clients who get great results from it.   We set up each of these, optimise them, tag keywords and use them for monthly marketing.

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  • social media marketing
  • video marketing
  • Facebook ads, retargeting or lookalike audiences
  • Google Social Dominator.

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Chris Kirkham