Insights for Using Videos Effectively

Providing substantial and relevant content to your audience is a major part of building a strong online presence. You’ll find several ways to present information in content marketing news and one of the most effective is video. That’s probably not surprising. A picture is worth a thousand words and video expands on that exponentially. A few minutes of video can impart information equivalent to an hour of reading. Besides, video is more immersive as it engages both the eyes and ears.

The Power of YouTube

When it comes to video marketing, YouTube is today’s biggest scene. Next to Google, YouTube is the most searched site and its videos also appear on Google’s search results. This system helps greatly with SEO. The YouTube platform is also easy to use and versatile – you can direct viewers to your customized channel or embed videos right on your website.

Considerations in Using YouTube

Using YouTube does not guarantee successful video marketing – you need to use it properly. Animoto presents some questions to ask yourself as you venture into the platform.

One of the first considerations is the schedule of videos. How often and when should you upload a video? Uploading only when you feel like it is a bad idea. With regularly scheduled content, the existing audience knows when to come back for new content. It’s also a good way to attract new viewers.

You should also consider what the videos will be about. It should be relevant to your business and be useful to your audience. You can put up some promotional videos occasionally as long as they don’t overwhelm your educational ones.

You should likewise think about how you will stand out from the competition. Your competitors are probably already on YouTube, so it’s important to give people a reason to prefer your videos over the others.

Using Videos on Facebook to Market Your Business

We have shown you before that Facebook users are heavy watchers of videos on the run.  It therefore behoves you to post your videos on Facebook and promote your business to that audience who can share them with their friends.  You can also drive viewers to the videos with Facebook Ads.

Tactics to Use

After planning what to include in your videos, it’s important to know how to carry out your overall video marketing strategy. Content Marketing Institute lists four tactics for effective use of YouTube:

1. Produce lots of content. It is found that the top YouTube marketers have more videos than those at the bottom.
2. Integrate YouTube video with web content. This tactic allows better branding consistency, improves usability, and supports SEO.
3. Engage with the audience. Respond to comments, answer questions, and use feedback to plan future content.
4. Embrace YouTube advertising. The TrueView ads of YouTube, when done right, can reach the right audience and have great ROI.

We strongly encourage every business to have a Facebook page to show videos of your business to promote awareness of your products, enquiries and sales.

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Based on an article written by Megan Pearson of Marketing Digest

Chris Kirkham