Integrated Marketing/Traffic Campaigns WILL Boost Your Sales and Profit

You must use and integrate several media channels to maximize purchase intent

Digital marketing strategy must be aligned with business goals and plans created through strategic initiatives to achieve opportunities and KPIs to monitor action. The goal of every business is to grow or at least maintain itself.

Purchase Intent is key for businesses.  They need to encourage consumers who show high intent to buy, not just visitors, as these will convert to purchasers.  High buyer intent consumers show their intent to buy by searching online for information about products and services using search engines, social media, reviews, comparison sites and their preferred influencers.

Digital marketing needs to have always-on activities used in an integrated way to maximize visibility and conversion.  Inbound digital marketing aims to maintain continuous visibility and persuasion and engagement online and follow up with marketing automation.

To achieve this, you must use and integrate several media channels.  Different channels do different things and the better the media channel mix, the better the reach.  You should never, ever, use only a single media channel. Spreading a little bit of your budget and effort across multiple platforms will always make your dollars work harder.  Don’t try to spend everything in one way or another. Money is precious and your job as a Marketer is to make sure you get the biggest bang for your buck for your clients.

Efficiency is doing things right, effectiveness is doing the right thing.  What you want to do is figure out how channels complement each other, that’s how you ascertain your effectiveness and efficiency, combined. If your customers are people who spend a lot of time listening to the radio and watching YouTube videos then spread the money to suit. Get them in both places.

Implement integrated marketing to link media channels together

Integrated marketing campaigns is all about linking these things together, recognizing that one media channel is not going to save the day and that it’s often better to do a bit of everything than a lot of one thing.

Ask yourself this, your budget may be limited, your time short but how can you tie all the media options together into a tight knot that will make things both more effective and efficient for your marketing?  By implementing integrated marketing.

Combining multiple channels helps drive efficiency and effectiveness of media spend.  TV boosts other channels – radio, press, branded search, generic search and more.   It’s harder for small businesses with less money. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try.  That is why integrated marketing and spending money in the right way will still make a massive difference.  Regardless of your budget and your resources, it’s often better to make sure that you are accessing all the available media channels that can help you to reach your marketing objectives as per your strategy, if you have a strategy.

Part of this issue is marketers who don’t know what they are doing. SEO alone is not good enough for you as it does not mirror how your customers use digital media to buy your products – SEO is really mechanical surgery. Some marketers hire specialists like SEOs and expect magic, failing to recognize that they themselves need to have a strategy for the business and secondly that it is their job to make sure customers are actually aware of the brand at the top of the funnel.  You can’t sell what people don’t know about or care about.

A simple way to increase a website’s organic search ranking is through other media coverage. Do more than just the one thing, don’t have biases towards or against certain media channels. Do what is right, not what everyone else is doing.  Targeting the whole market using mass reach techniques results in far more positive effects – revenue increases, customer retention and profitability.

Our top client in terms of growth (100% pa) uses SEO (ranks No 1 in its keywords), Facebook posts (has visitors most days), monthly content marketing articles, reviews and a monthly emailed newsletter to its database (which is well received).  These all work together to promote the brand and online presence and this works to grow its client base.

Strategic analysis will show you which media channels to select to reach your desired goals

This is quite general in approach but you need to perform the necessary strategic legwork first. This will ensure that the right media channels are selected to suit the objectives. Integrated Traffic Campaign planning is around 8% of marketing as a whole and it’s really the very final stage.  Everyone in marketing should do the same or to find someone who can.

What is needed is a process for analysing the data and acting upon it to achieve competitive advantage.  Using insight on audience interaction with your ad networks and the major ad platform like Facebook, Google and LinkedIn enables savvy businesses using real-time programmatic advertising services to identify what resonates with each individual and target him or her on the sites they are most likely to engage with and at the time they are most likely to engage and vary their messages and content to define the best targeting predictive of sale.  There are also some low cost targeting options as audiences interact with owned media like websites and emails to nurture prospects along the path to purchase.

The need for agile optimisation

Agile monthly optimisation will review and improve key digital activities.  Pulling data from Google analytics enables changes in performance to be clearly seen.

To achieve this, a business will have invested in an integrated marketing system creating an effective website, be active in social media and channels relevant to their audiences and will have established programs for reaching new prospects through key channels such as search engine marketing and online advertising.  They will have marketing automation in place to deliver relevant contextual personalised messages to prospects and customers using email marketing and CRM.

Ask Patterson Digital Marketing to implement your integrated marketing and traffic campaigns

Outsourcing your Integrated Marketing and Traffic campaigns to Patterson Digital Marketing is a cost effective solution to boost your sales, customer retention and profit.  Our Partner will immediately carry out a strategic review of your digital marketing based in your business goals.   We will add all appropriate media channels such as advanced SEO, content marketing, social media channels, upgrade others based on buyer-intent keyword phrases and devise traffic campaigns to maximize results through Facebook, Google or LinkedIn ads and remarketing.   And monthly we will agilely review and manage the channels to maximize traffic and buyer-ready leads for you just waiting for you to convert them to customers.  Our Partner has achieved success with every client they have on this system so we welcome you to our integrated marketing world as well.   And once clients see the results, they increase their budget and go for more growth.

Source:  Smart Insights

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Chris Kirkham