Integrated Traffic Campaigns

The Integrated Traffic Campaign combines advanced SEO, content marketing, social media marketing, remarketing, Adwords, Bing ads, Facebook Ads and webforms with calls to action to leverage off each other to achieve the best increase in leads and sales. We grow your leads and sales, rather than your search rankings.

Every month, we look at the traffic flow to see which source is doing well, could be better/tweaked or not that effective in driving leads. A team of experts will work the integration which is agile with components being changed from month to month depending on what needs to be done to secure growth in your leads and sales. Our team does all the work including placing ad spend. We have found that this agile changing of components works really well to maximise leads for clients. It doesn’t matter what your market is because we dynamically manipulate the components to make it work and get good results and a great ROI. While we generate leads early, it still takes 3- 4 months to really optimise the components.

The strategy works in any niche and is designed to generate more leads to your site, build your brand by being seen everywhere online and ultimately generate more sales for you. We track conversions, webforms and tracking phone numbers/calls from the website to attract leads that are wanting to purchase now Our Fulfilment Partner has had success in every niche with every client they have applied this to and this is because close attention is paid by the team to agilely change components to ensure success. All components are necessary to generate success. This is very aggressive marketing and the constant agility and changing will drive great results after a couple of months building momentum.

Components are:
• Advanced level organic SEO uses buyer intent keyword phrases on a “what will work best” basis, more keywords for larger businesses – includes keyword research and analysis, technical SEO setup, on-page optimisation, social media account creation and setup, content marketing strategy, advanced level content, video production, content publication and promotion, specific campaign KPIs to generate a strong return on investment and advanced link building strategy. Our agile strategy creation and management constantly reacts and adjusts to traffic flows so you get your leads.
• Content marketing – one or more articles will be written and published each month to social media and other internet sites to build your brand by growing your online presence.
• Social media marketing will include Facebook, Google + and Youtube with posts made each month.
• Remarketing will be AdWords, Bing and Facebook ad campaigns will be optimised using the best keywords which may vary from month to month to drive success, all ad spend is INCLUDED in the prices below (so no ad spend is to be paid by you).
• added to your website to remind readers of your offers which will increase leads and sales.

There will be no work for you to do, no ad spend to pay, all work is done by our Partner’s team, just watch the results on your dashboard and convert the leads to sales. You have never had such an aggressive marketing campaign before – you will really see the difference. Our clients that use this product are very happy with results and some spend $20-30,000 per month scaling it up for a major boost in leads, customers and sales. No other agency offers such an aggressive marketing product to build your brand and boost traffic, leads and sales revenue.

Chris Kirkham