Is Your Website Invisible? You Won’t Get More Customers Like That

Why Your Website is Invisible in Search

We are increasingly finding that websites have no meta keywords set in them.

We know that Google says that because spammers have abused the keyword tag by stuffing as many keywords in as possible in the past, Google provides little to no benefit of set keywords to search rankings.

The main function of keywords is to show the relevancy of your site’s content. Google now judges the search ranking of sites now by requiring plenty of natural content and by other Ranking Factors.

But web designers, webmasters and Adwords managers seem to have taken the easy way out and omitted the keywords from the sites. That means they don’t have to do time-consuming keyword analysis looking at the number of searches for each and determining the best keywords for your website. They hope their content will suffice and, often, it does not as it is difficult to write content that is optimised and has enough consistent keyword density for 6 keywords. Optimising the website by inserting keywords, including social media and a blog, will give your users a great experience and you’ll get good web visitor growth,

The problem is that, if you don’t do all of this, your website will likely be INVISIBLE in search resulting in ZERO searchers finding your business and converting to a customer.

Searchers looking for your products type keywords into Google and press SEARCH. They get a list of businesses for that keyword over several pages. But if your website doesn’t have the correct “money” keywords set in the site, Google will have to decide which keywords your site will rank for based on the density of your keywords that are included in the content only. That may be OK but most web designers don’t write great content. Most sites only have a content ratio of about 3-4% whereas Google would like to see 15%.

So unless you have at least 6 meta keywords with the most searches, together with really good content, in your website properly optimised, then you are likely to be INVISIBLE in search. Your competitors will get your business. Then you’re in trouble and have to attract enquiries with advertising, Adwords and other expensive ways.

If you do add at least 6 keywords with the most searches and optimise your website, you will likely get to a high position on page 1, particularly with Content Marketing. Your site will be seen by 85% of the searchers for your product category.

The Solution

Patterson Digital Marketing with its US partner ALWAYS chooses the correct keywords that attract the most searches, inserts them into the website and writes content around them using Google guidelines. We also optimise the remainder of the site so it performs well for user experience.

From month 2 onwards, we do monthly Content Marketing to enhance your visibility and attract customers to your brand and products. For our Content Marketing, we set up accounts for monthly publication of the content we write – 5 press release accounts, 5 offsite blog accounts, 10 social sharing accounts, 10 business directories – which are used to distribute press releases, blogs, promotions and company updates monthly on topics that you want to promote to your audience and get visitors and backlinks to your site.

Our SEO/Content Marketing work takes account of the increasingly important Google Ranking Factors.

Ranking Factors cover Content, Backlinks and User Experience.

Content (builds your authority) comprises:

Quality – page topic is important for Google – we achieve this by writing and publishing comprehensive content

Word count – you need a lot more words per page that are comprehensive, long form and natural – Google wants 1500-2000 words/page

Keywords – Google has taken the emphasis off keywords because website developers stuffed the sites with keywords. They now want natural writing on topics that is self-explanatory. We still insert the keywords and write about them as part of the content marketing/publishing and we plan out the keyword content to be natural and topical which is also good for backlinks.

Images – you must have one video or image.

Backlinks – Google wants to see different sites endorsing your website pages and we do this by content marketing & publishing so readers see your content and their domains will refer links back to your site which Google will note. Google also wants more external backlinks which we do by publishing quality content monthly. Most websites have NO backlinks to the site. We’ll fix this.

User experience – this includes mobile responsive design, fast site speed, low bounce rate and Google prefers Https (security). We will take care of these.

The Results Are Fantastic

Our SEO/Content Marketing gets very good results for clients. We get new clients even though we are typically $400/month dearer than competitors because the extra content marketing/publishing we do attracts more new clients than our competitors. We only need to get you 1 or 2 more new customers for the gross profit to cover our costs and we should get far more than that.

Our current clients are seeing 70-100% increases in website visitors from our Optimisation and Content Marketing work within 2-4 months. We have just received an email from a client confirming that our work has increased their website visitors by 70% (to 600 visitors) in 2 months and is increasing further in month 3. One more client pays for this – do you think they will get one more or plenty more clients?

We also give our SEO clients our Monster Metrics analytics which shows daily website visitors in real time split by source of visitor – referral, organic, direct, paid and social. This shows you the rough ROI on your SEO and Content Marketing as you know the timing of publication and can track the increase in visitors.

Call us NOW on 027 489 5009 or email to discuss how we can improve the performance of your website with Optimisation and Content Marketing and boost your website visitors, customers and sales.

Chris Kirkham