Lock Down Your 2015 Marketing Success Plan

Guaranteed 40% Increase in Your Website Visitors

From now on, we guarantee our SEO clients an increase in website visitors of up to 40% over the next 12 months. If managed correctly by you, these visitors should translate into a REVENUE and Profit increase of 40% pa.

If you have:
•less than 1,000 visitors/month to your website now and over 90% of businesses do, we guarantee a 40% increase in visitors in 12 months
•1,000-2,000 visitors/month to your website now, we guarantee a 30% increase in visitors in 12 months
•2,000-3,000 visitors/month to your website now, we guarantee a 25% increase in visitors in 12 months
•more than 3,000 visitors to your website each month now, we will negotiate the level of guaranteed visitor increase.

SECURE YOUR GUARANTEE now by emailing chris@pattersondigitalmarketing.com or phoning the numbers below.

The main proviso is that you must commit to a Search Engine Optimisation campaign with us for the 12 month duration of the Guarantee.

Our partner’s SEO campaigns usually increase website visitors by 50-60% over 12 months and we’ll be aiming for this figure but guaranteeing a 40% increase as a minimum.

With this increase in website visitors, you should be able to grow your business by 50-60% in 2015 with a 40% minimum growth. Do you have that growth rate planned for 2015? And virtually guaranteed? Call or email us now !!

Our performance is driven by SEO ensuring that your website is compliant, the accounts are set up and optimised and we create unique and entertaining content on a monthly basis that is used to expand the website’s total indexed pages as well as sharing that content via social media and blogging outlets so that even more visitors are attracted to your website.

Visitors come from many sources, not just search engines. Marketing Sherpa says the top sources of leads are SEO 94%, Social Media 85% and Blogging 68%. Our SEO sets up accounts to attract visitors from 5 media channels:

Organic search – Mobile-responsive web design, SEO, Content Marketing, Facebook, YouTube, Local marketing
Referrals – SEO, blogs, Google + Local, Local marketing
Social media – Facebook, YouTube, Google+, Twitter, Online Reputation Management, clients
Direct – PPC, Facebook ads, Remarketing, advertising, promotions
Paid Ads – PPC, Facebook ads, Remarketing.

Most web marketing companies cannot offer such a Guarantee. They concentrate on lifting search rankings with keywords with no visitors – useless to your sales and business.

Instead, we drive your visitor numbers as rankings don’t pay your bills, sales do and these derive from visitors converting into leads and then to sales.

See more at https://pattersondigitalmarketing.com/about-us/.

Call or email us NOW to secure YOUR GUARANTEE and BOOST YOUR REVENUE and PROFIT BY 40-60% in 2015.

Extreme Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Promotion

We’ve slashed our SEO prices and offer FREE – FREE – Social Media marketing bonuses worth $8,300 normally, designed to boost your website visitors.

If you commit to a 12 month Search Engine Optimisation contract with us paid quarterly, we will give you for FREE –
•our sensational Brand Booster product installed in quarter 1, and
•3 Social Media marketing packages of your choice (from Facebook, YouTube, Google +, Blogger, Picasa, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Twitter) with each package starting in Quarters 2, 3 and 4, or
•you can substitute a fourth social media marketing package for the Brand Booster if you wish.

If you pay the whole year upfront, we’ll reduce the price by a further 25% – you get one quarter for FREE.

You can even bolt on our Local Buzz marketing package and save more.

We’re sending you another email attaching a Flyer with details of the Promo. The Promo Package closes 30 November with first payment to be paid by then. We may be able to negotiate some wiggle room here so call us to discuss your requirements.

Set up your 2015 marketing success by securing the 40% Guarantee AND the SEO Promo.

Call or email us now. If you don’t take action on these offers and secure the 40% increase in visitors and your business for 2015, then you must be doing VERY WELL.

Chris Kirkham