Optimised Content Marketing is Proven to Boost Sales

SEO and Content Marketing will boost your website visitors and sales. Content Marketing increases local sales and is particularly useful for exporters that wish to find new overseas customers – a needle in a haystack exercise.

SEO and Content Marketing is about leveraging a variety of articles consistently to build domain authority and thus increasing website rankings. What we want is to build quality links and Google Trust. Once Trust is established, Google will serve you more website visitors via its algorithms.

The articles include keywords that are sought after by readers. Articles are disseminated worldwide through social media and articles sites and are seen and read by interested readers. Readers click on the keywords in the articles and are taken to the company website (which they have never heard of at this point) so they can read more and contact the company if they wish to pursue their interest.

We create awesome pieces of content and then disseminate them to attract visitors from all the biggest channels. The intersection of SEO, Social Media and Content Marketing is Optimised Content Marketing.

When you use content effectively (and optimise it for different channels – social media, referrals, etc), You can easily double or triple your resulting traffic. Instead of just trying to get search engine traffic for an article, you can also use content marketing tactics and promote it on social media, article sites and more from which readers can link to your website.

Content Marketing is not the same as SEO. The off-page aspect of SEO is concerned with inbound links from other websites to your site. Natural links from authoritative and relevant websites act as an independent vote of confidence which helps search engines trust your website more. Technical SEO is far removed from Content Marketing.

Content Marketing is all about the user experience and we create content to solve problems of your target audience. You focus on generating ideas for content that your target audience is interested in. Once we create the content, we do some keyword research around the specific topic to find keywords we think you could rank for. We add them to your headings. Then we find a way to get that content read by as many people as we can so they can link to your website which they have never heard of before.

The cost of Content Marketing is low – the cost per completion/conversion for visitors, especially referrals from links, is low and much lower than PPC. We also recommend that clients use Tracking Phone numbers so they can listen/see the nature of all calls, emails, etc and see if all responses are good ones so clients can change the way they do things to become more competitive – it’s very cheap and gives ESSENTIAL customer information.

We have proven this in our work for an immigration adviser. We increased website visitors by 4 times within a few months with half coming from links from overseas readers who were interested in the company’s services. These readers had never heard of the company before and the articles were crucial in enabling them to become aware of the company and possibilities for them. Sales increased 5 times as a result, mostly from overseas (UK, USA, Germany, Australia, Philippines).

If you wish to boost your website visitors, customers and sales, you need to adopt Optimised Content Marketing.

So call us now on (027) 489 5009 or email chris@pattersondigitalmarketing.com to find out how we will implement this for you and what results you can expect.

Chris Kirkham