Our Integrated Traffic Campaign in a Nutshell – Why Businesses Love It and You Should Too

We’ve introduced you to our Integrated Traffic Campaign in the last month or so.

Businesses are signing up for it in droves. And the reasons are powerful.

In a nutshell – we WILL increase your leads = customers = sales.

Usually digital marketing aims to increase your Search Engine ranking. SEO and social media do increase your Search Engine rankings to Page 1 but its takes some months to achieve this.

We add Content Marketing to these as it drives new leads to your website making the combo of SEO, social media and content marketing very effective and doing more than building search engine ranking. Content Marketing is seriously good.

But we’re after Leads and Customers and Sales for you NOW, not in several months. So with Integrated Traffic, we’ve ditched building search engine ranking and we go directly after leads.

We still use advanced SEO, social media, content marketing (and back links) and also use Google Ads (without the wasted ad spend we see) and Facebook ads and Remarketing.

We’re after leads and conversions to customer, not just clicks. So we focus on buyer intent keyword phrases and we track conversions, webforms and tracking phone numbers/calls from the website to attract leads that are wanting to purchase now.

Every month, we look at the traffic flow to see which source is doing well, could be better/tweaked or not that effective in driving leads. So we change each month to get the most effective package to drive leads. We look at your competitors to see where they get traffic and learn from that too. We have found that this agile changing of components works really well to maximise leads for clients. It doesn’t matter what your market is because we dynamically manipulate the components to make it work and get good results and a great ROI. While we generate leads early, it still takes 3- 4 months to really optimise the components.

So that’s the difference between our normal search engine ranking product suite and this new leads product. It is an aggressive marketing tool and requires close management to maximise its effectiveness.

There is no work for you to do, all work is done by our Partner and there is no ad spend for you to pay – we do that from the funds in our monthly fee.

Our clients that use this product are very happy with results and some spend $20-30,000 per month scaling it up for a major boost in leads, customers and sales.

You can subscribe month to month but we need one month’s notice in writing/email of cancellation. For best results, it is best to run the product for 4 months to really see how it produces leads.

So consider what additional sales revenue you need and CALL US NOW on (027) 489 5009 or email chris@pattersondigitalmarketing.com to discuss the investment level which is right for you. Try it for 3-4 months.

Chris Kirkham