Our SEO/Content Marketing Will Super-Charge Your Financial Results

We Bundle SEO with Content Marketing and Brand Optimisation to Boost Your Customers, Revenue and Profit

Our SEO Plus product takes content to a higher level and includes other digital marketing in an integrated mix. After extensive research and testing results with search engines, clients and their customers, SEO Plus is the best that latest technology and rigorous best practices can offer.

This is the most powerful product to boost website visitors on the market worldwide as it integrates SEO, Brand Optimisation and Content Marketing. SEO Plus boosts web visitors by building huge numbers of backlinks through increased visibility. It will really increase your Google search ranking and boost your off-page Referral website visitors, leads, engagement and conversions to sales. The whole purpose of SEO Plus is to optimise your website and then set it up to utilise off-page marketing in the form of Content Marketing to drive visitors to your website from backlinks from our content articles they read.

SEO targets people who search for websites of vendors. Content Marketing aims at people who don’t search but as they still have an interest in the subject, they read content and get to your website directly through our optimised content links. This is even better than SEO as SEO gives the keyword list of ALL vendors whereas our Content is only about your products/service. Google requires all website owners to give a lot more content in their sites than most do. So we ensure your website is very content-oriented and we get better results with a our content distribution by having our clients’ sites content heavier. You will see below references to target pages – that is where we beef up your content to the level expected by Google. We like to see 15% content in a site whereas most sites are lucky to have 2%.

Most SEO developers don’t use keywords in sites now and instead rely on Google to figure out the products and services being promoted and rank the sites. We ALWAYS use keywords in our SEO and Content Marketing so that our readers can tie back into your site. You can’t really do Content Marketing without using keywords and that’s why most SEO firms don’t do Content Marketing. Also if we use 3 or 6 keywords in our work, we usually rank for 30 variations in Google.

The third factor we bundle into our product is Brand Optimisation where we create and optimise social media into our websites and content as this broadens your brand tremendously, maximising your online visibility. This is why we publish content to Facebook etc which leads to Facebook Ads of that content. Google picks up social media content too in its algorithm. And we always insert a blog into our clients’ website where we display content for readers and Google.

So this is the foundation of our Content Marketing – it encompasses all the above for the best results. SEO Plus is proven with our clients and with thousands of US clients.

SEO Plus takes into account all of Google’s ranking factors, mobile – image – video marketing and includes Local Optimisation for businesses with multiple locations which provides SEO for each location page. We will also provide each location with Facebook Places marketing from the main Facebook Business page. This means that these clients have separately optimised businesses for each location very cheaply which is great for franchises and multi-location businesses.

Although we have achieved very good increases in website visitors with our Content Marketing product – up to 400% in 4 months, particularly Referral visitors – SEO Plus does so much more.

Our Monster Metrics will show you visitors in real time from each of 5 visitor sources – referral, organic, paid, social and direct. You can then devise a Content Marketing plan to boost your visitors for certain products to maximise sales. Without Content Marketing, you won’t get the Referral visitors which can comprise up to 75% of total visitors. Boosting Referral visitors through Content Marketing means you don’t have to rely on Google Organic search visitors.

Technical descriptions of the major factors included in SEO Plus

Show this email to your SEO consultant and ask him to mark off the items you currently have working for you in your SEO. Remember if you don’t use keywords in your site, then you won’t be doing Content Marketing and you’ll be missing out big time.

Check out the major factors in SEO Plus : •Website/SEO Technical compliance – technical setup, site indexing/crawlability
•Content Marketing
– website assessment – content analysis, architecture
– account creation and setup – creation of accounts for article sites, offsite blogs, press release sites, social media/social sharing sites, business directories, Google + to which our content will be distributed/published
– campaign research and analysis – baseline rank and dup content checks, URL targeting, website content analysis
– website architecting to which the distributed content will be keyword-linked
– content production and distribution – content research and writing, distribution
•SEO setup items
– schema – vital yet hardly used – puts code on your website to help search engines return more informative results for users (what content means) – helps your website rank better (4 positions higher on average)
– Google tag manager installation – better and faster coding
– online blog creation and subscription setup – adds subscription and sharing
– social media buttons website integration – connect social media accounts to your website
•Onsite search engine optimisation for target pages incl rewrites, content writing, meta tags writing/publishing
•Mobile Optimization – ensures mobile-responsive and mobile-usability
•Image Optimization – meta data opt onsite and local, image title/description writing onsite and local, image sourcing/compression
•Enhanced Account Creation/setup – includes master email account creation, Google Drive setup, keyword-optimised business description written for local listings, video-PDF-image submission accounts setup, social media account setup
•Social media profile/page design – account setup and content distribution
•Business Presence and Visibility for local marketing incl Google Map citation, competitor analysis
•Local Optimisation Setup for social media, master email, local citation, local search competitor analysis, Google Maps
•Multiple locations onsite optimisation – analysis, structure, locations overview opt, locations content writing/publishing (200 words), title-meta-H1 tag opt, url rewrites/redirection, schema opt, local citation audit/building, social media content posting = SEO on each location page in your website
•Google-amplified Content Writing/Publishing (Premium only) – content with links to your website in Google drive with a public URL generate strong SEO signals that enhance rankings and site visits
•Enhanced monthly Content Production incl onsite and Google-focused unique content and images, content distribution/publishing incl social media, PDF, Directory content
•Quarterly SEO Maintenance
•Video Marketing – powerful brand promoter to increase search rank, click-through and conversion rates
•Infographics – most effective way to present data in graphic visual form
•HTTPS Migration – installation of an SSL Certificate on your website, helps search rankings
•Advanced Mobile Optimization – optimises the appearance of mobile pages/keywords on your website.

If you want to boost your customer numbers and sales with SEO Plus, CALL US on (027) 489 5009 or email chris@pattersondigitalmarketing.com and we’ll get you on the road to success.

Chris Kirkham

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