PPC Remarketing Expands Your Brand and Increases Conversion

Remarketing is an advertising method that allows you to serve tailored advertisements to people who have visited your website.  This gives your warm prospects another chance to buy a product they have shown some interest in, even after leaving your website.

  • You can tailor your ads based on your visitors’ behaviour determined by the pages they visited. You can segment or group people by behaviour – for example, who abandoned the shopping cart, who viewed a product page but did not buy, who purchased a product (giving you an opportunity to serve them complementary products or services) and those who have not completed a purchase – so they can be remarketed through banner ads displayed to them to entice them to return to your website to complete conversion to purchase.
  • Your ads will be highly visible, cost-efficient (pay only for a click), your branding will be expanded and conversions significantly increased.  This is especially important for vendors of high value, high involvement products where the prospects may take several “touches” before making a purchase decision.
  • Studies have shown that strong ads are unconsciously processed and influence brand engagement and opinion, particularly for ad recall and message association.
  • Remarketing works by tagging each page with a snippet of code and dropping a cookie on visitors’ browsers. When the visitor visits other websites within the Google Display Network, the cookie alerts Google Adwords and will then display the appropriate tailored banner ad to the visitor.
  • Google reports that businesses make an average of $2 in revenue for every $1 they spend on Adwords from Remarketing. Many businesses report large increases in conversion rates while significantly reducing the cost per conversion.  With an average ROI this good, and with big brands like Amazon leading the way, you can expect your toughest competitors to use Remarketing to boost conversions to revenue while reducing costs.
  • Businesses that use PPC Adwords should also use Remarketing to increase conversions and reduce the cost per conversion.
  • The Remarketing set-up requires a lot of skill.  It entails:
    – creation and installation of remarketing tag codes and the pages that will be triggers
    – clustering your prospects into the right lists/segments
    – creation of banner ads to reflect your branding, key messages to effect brand recall and with a call to action to increase your click through rates
    – split testing banner ads to determine the high performing ads and landing page testing to ensure a high conversion to customers
    – setting up conversion tracking with Google Analytics
    – targeting existing customers to retain them and increase loyalty and wallet share.
  • Patterson Digital Marketing offers Remarketing by itself but also as an ADD-ON to Adwords at a much lower cost than by itself.  This Remarketing add-on is a no-brainer for PPC Adwords users.
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  • Patterson’s US partner is an Adwords Certified Partner and an expert in PPC and Remarketing management.

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Chris Kirkham