Promo Prices for June Social Media, SEO and Local Campaigns

Tonight, we’re diverting from our usual informative overviews on digital marketing and bringing to your attention our HUGE pricing discounts for your quarterly digital marketing campaigns.   We’re taking after the advice outlined in the best selling book by Gary Vaynerchuk entitled ” Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook” which recommends marketers educate, educate, educate, SELL. Gary offers important advice on how social media can make your business better, particularly with content and marketing, our specialty.

As you know, we are a brand and marketing agency aiming to have your brand attract enquiries and sales from a wide number of channels – paid, organic, social, direct and referrals – and we uniquely offer ALL digital products to attract customers from those channels.

We maximise enquiries by using a combination of several of our products at the same time. Many of our clients use Social Media, Local Buzz (if applicable), Pay per Click and Remarketing at the same time as doing SEO.   Each of these products interlinks with the others so clients get a boost in enquiries and sales from month 2.   Many clients upgrade their websites so they are mobile friendly and easily able to be viewed on mobile devices while viewers are “on the run”.

There are several Social Media products that we use – Google Social Dominator (our product), Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and others.  Google Social Dominator is really powerful at boosting enquiries as Google gives this product priority.  Facebook is great, especially with its Advertising and Remarketing capability which allows clients to very accurately choose an audience to increase the ROI of their campaigns.

We use PPC to generate website searches which then allows cheaper Remarketing to work on those searchers who do not purchase. This ability to stay in front of your searchers is very powerful and has a great ROI.  You don’t know who visited your site and left but we do and we market to them after they have left.  Both Google and Facebook has this facility.

Local Buzz is our product for businesses that market locally – read our blogs of 12 and 15 May 2014.

So rather than doing just SEO, which gets enquiries from only the organic and referral channels, our clients understand they need use a variety of products to get enquiries from all the channels available.  The best part is that enquiries from all channels has a fast ROI.  Each month, you’ll be able to view the enquiries you get from each channel from our own unique Monster Metrics analytics dashboard.Take Advantage of our June Promos

We are offering heavy discounts for quarterly campaigns to boost your enquiries and sales –

  • Social Media products – get 80% off month 1 pricing and 30% off month 2 & 3 pricing
  • SEO – get 50% off month 1 pricing
  • Local Buzz – get 50% off month 1 pricing
  • Social Media, SEO and Local Buzz – lock in the above pricing for the second, third and fourth quarter campaigns.


Discover how to boost your enquiries and sales from ALL channels by using the full range of our products, giving you a fantastic ROI and an edge over your competitors. Phone Chris now at (09) 449 1005 or (027) 489 5009 or email to to arrange a free consultation to maximise your enquiries and sales and achieve your desired results.

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