Redesign Your Website to Capture Mobile Customers

The Mobile Future

The advent of the smartphone and ipad have changed the landscape of how we consume information and learn more about businesses. Where the Internet has globalized information – the smartphone/ipad has integrated it into our daily lives.

The Statistics are Unmistakable

The amount of internet data going through mobile channels has been doubling every year, with an expected forecast of 30.6 exabytes of data by the year 2020. Just to give you an idea, an exabyte is a billion gigabytes – about 166 million HD movies. That is more data than all of the movies, music and text that have ever been made.

This isn’t even surprising – given that there are millions of people around the world with easy access to the Internet through their mobile phones/ipads – the amount of aggregated data consumption that we are going through is far exceeding our data output.

– Fortune

More Google searches from 10 countries including US and Japan come from mobile phones

– Google

It has been forecasted that 95.1 million Americans ages 14 and older, or 51.2% of digital buyers, will make at least one purchase via a smartphone in 2017. Also, it has been estimated $75.51 billion, or 50.0% of all retail mcommerce sales, will be done on smartphones. That will be up from 48% in 2016.

Almost half of everyone who has made an online transaction has done it through their smartphone. For any prospective ccustomer of yours who does NOT offer products online, it may also be a good idea to remind them that online purchase are not limited to just retail. Online payment methods can benefit many service sectors as well such as consultations, bookings, or even quote requests.

– eMarketer

It’s not a secret anymore that mobile users are a huge market waiting to be fully tapped. But the question is, how do we reach this behavioural market?

Mobile-Friendly Websites

The most obvious battleground for this shift in information consumption will of course be with the basic platform for businesses in the Internet – the website. There has to be a paradigm shift for anyone in the digital marketing industry. The Internet isn’t the medium anymore. It’s the data. The mobile phone/ipad is the medium, and we have to utilize it accordingly.

Websites have to be designed with the mobile user experience in mind which carries with it its own set of use-case scenarios.

There are elements which will work on a desktop browser than will not work for a mobile phone/ipad and vice versa. Large image sliders for example – a staple with most desktop websites, are generally to be avoided on mobile devices.

People browsing websites on their mobile phones/ipads also have a capability that most desktop computers do not provide – they can immediately dial a number on a website simply by tapping on it. Does your website or your client websites allow them to do this?

The key is to create a user experience on your website that caters to the mobile user, allowing you to take advantage of the increasingly growing market.

Redesign Your Website to Capture Mobile Customers

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