Optimising your website to reflect your brand is important but off-page optimisation is more important. You may have heard about how perfectly executed monthly content marketing campaigns can easily boost brand exposure, recognition and trust online. We’ve tweaked that process and improved upon it and proven that monthly content marketing campaigns through brand optimisation boosts website visitors and grows your sales and profit as well!

We have used monthly content marketing campaign to boost clients’ website visitors by up to 400% in 4 months from which they doubled sales and profit.

We set up accounts with offsite blogs, press release sites, article sites, business directories, video- image- PDF sites, social media and sharing sites and Google Drive to which we distribute content written by our skilled copy writers (and approved by you) based on your marketing plans promoting your markets, products and customer value. This content is keyword-optimised and is read by readers around the world who then click to your website, read your offers and buy either now or in future.

It is impossible for you to find these interested customers in any other way. You don’t know who they are but you attract them to your offers with content marketing. Every business needs to employ content marketing to achieve more customers and sales.

What We Do

After optimising your website and online presence, we set up accounts so we can distribute content. Then together with you, we agree on a monthly content marketing program and we write content monthly that fits with that program and distribute it monthly to the accounts we’ve set up.

Get in Touch Today

If you would like to learn more about how our Content Marketing services will boost your website visitors, sales and profit, please feel free to schedule a strategy session with us. You may reach us by calling (09) 449 1005 or by sending us a message through our Contact page. We look forward to helping you take your business to hearing from you.