Why Our SEO and Monthly Marketing Campaigns Really Boost Your Website Visitors and Sales

The Key to Our Success in Boosting Your Brand, Visitors and Sales

We target third party websites, use several media channels and write UNIQUE content for our Monthly Marketing Campaigns to boost visitors and sales for our clients.

Third Party Websites and Media Channels 

Visitors come from  5 media channels – social media, referrals, direct, paid and organic search.  These channels comprise many third party websites that you’ve never heard of but our US team uses to get you superior results.

We’ll set up links to these third party websites which will enable you to get visitors from them, we’ll build backlinks to them, optimise your social media (you need to use this to expand the reach to your target audience and to strengthen your brand), you need more content which we’ll write around your keywords, we’ll optimise your blog (Google recognises fresh monthly content), we’ll optimise your site for video marketing.

Off-site SEO will allow us to set up accounts, including important third party ones, and optimise the site for our team to do Active Online Marketing for you with our uniquely written monthly campaigns as part of our SEO to boost visitor numbers. The off-site SEO issue is what’s hurting your visibility and reducing your visitor numbers. This area of SEO is our strength and our US SEO team is world class at it – see the sources of visitors we increased in the Case Study below.

How Our SEO and Marketing Works

Patterson Digital Marketing is a brand optimisation and online marketing agency specialising in making your brand seen across ALL 5 digital media channels including organic search, social media (Facebook, You Tube, Google+, LinkedIn, etc), direct (blog, landing pages), web referrals and paid advertisements.  We work with a US partner that has 300 staff who does the digital work for us.  They write over 1,000 websites pa, do world class SEO and marketing, social media marketing, local and video marketing, reputation management, adwords, FB ads, remarketing and retargeting.  They are very good and have thousands of clients mainly in the USA, Canada, UK and Australia.

Our point of difference is that we link all 5 digital media channels via third party sites to your website to drive more visitors to your site with monthly SEO marketing campaigns DONE FOR YOU that incorporate UNIQUE content writing.  It is this linking, content-writing and marketing that we have found expands your brand and maximises the number of visitors reaching your site and buying because it attracts enquiries from ALL channels, not just search.  Content is leveraged through the media channels to create a circle of leads that is directed to your website lead funnel.  This boosts your brand, engagement and sales.

No one else does it our way.

Read the Case Study below to see the sources, including third party, of visitors from the work we did which increased visitors by 900% in 6 months – the same system we’ll use for your marketing.

Every quarter, we will give you a Total Brand Expansion Factor we calculate from our work to show you progress on expanding your brand.    We report to you monthly and quarterly in detail on the work we do.

We are unique in combining our SEO with content in monthly marketing campaigns to achieve superior visitor results.

This is What We’ll Do For You

Our SEO work includes keyword and on-page SEO research and analysis, social media and third party account setups, business directory and press release sites setup, on-site blog and authorship configuration, on-page website optimisation, content generation and optimisation, content distribution and competitive link-building.

We’ll integrate and optimise Social Media and blogs into your marketing and website. Facebook, Google + and YouTube are great sources of visitors and you need to use these channels to attract their visitors to your website. We’ll do marketing campaigns, posts and videos for you and manage the pages.

We have a product called Google Social Dominator which is really good at boosting enquiries for businesses like yours and is widely used in the USA with great results – it is more expensive but, if you don’t wish to spend the extra money now,  we recommend that you start with our regular social media for 2 quarters and then change to Google Social Dominator to supercharge your results.  You won’t regret using Google Social Dominator.

You need to use Google Remarketing when your website SEO is done – this will boost your visitor conversion by 3X. This is proven to be very successful when combined with SEO, monthly marketing and Google Social Dominator. This package is the best there is to maximise visitors and conversion into sales and widely used by our US clients.

We’ll set you up with our Monster Metrics portal which will show you in real time the number of visitors received from each of the 5 channels –  check it out – https://pattersondigitalmarketing.com/do-you-track-your-online-brand-expansion/.

We will complete all this set up work and fix your visibility in 1 month and then begin monthly marketing.

Case Study

We increased a US cosmetic surgeon’s website visitors by 900% over 6 months which increased his clients, revenue and profit substantially – read https://pattersondigitalmarketing.com/cosmetic-surgeon-boosts-online-visitors-by-900-in-6-months/

We used our monthly online marketing campaigns to increase visitors from social media, direct, referrals, paid ads and search channels.   That why we’re different from most web developers – we’re marketers too and we can get results faster and easier than they or you can.

This shows how much we increased visitors from each third party source:

Primary directory presence – increased from 3 to 50 – 1667%
Top social media accounts – increased from 2 to 10 – 500%
Top blog accounts – increased from 0 to 5 – 500%
Top social sharing accounts – increased from 0 to 10 – 1000%
Moz page score – increased from 23% to 95% – 413%
Indexed pages of website (Google) – increased from 214 to 471 – 220%
Back links to website – increased from 61 to 287 – 470%
Keyword visibility quantity – increased from 24 to 219 – 917%
Monthly impressions – increased from 100 to 1400 – 1400%
Third party references ranking – increased from 9 to 68 – 756%
Number of Monthly Visitors – increased from 114 to 1020 – 900%.

The back-links and indexed pages were quite high and the website was poorly optimised at the start and the results took off when fixed through the SEO and marketing work. The brand expansion work through all the external third party sites has resulted in a huge increase in Monthly Visitors.

We will use the same strategy to increase your visitors and we believe we will be able to achieve really good visitor increases and much higher conversions.

We will report to you quarterly on the above visitor sources which we factor into a Brand Expansion Factor and monitor quarterly.

CALL US on (09) 449 1005 or (027) 489 5009 or email chris@pattersondigitalmarketing.com for a FREE consultation to see how our SEO and Monthly Marketing Campaigns will boost your website visitors and sales. 

Chris Kirkham