Would You Buy a Warm Phone Lead/Enquiry for $10-$50? Ready for You to Convert to a Sale

Our New Guaranteed PPC Adwords Offer

Our US partner, who is a Google Premium Partner, is growing very fast and is achieving amazing results for worldwide clients.  We are now offering these services to our clients.

Do you set your marketing and advertising budget so you know how much you are prepared to lose?

Our enquiry rate/conversions and costs are carefully measured so you know for sure your ROI on the Ad spend.  With a our guarantee, you cannot lose your Adwords budget.

Get More Customers, Sales and Profit from each Campaign

It is the Cost per Acquisition that counts – your cost per Lead – and we achieve a lower CPA than average meaning that you get more customers, sales and profit from each campaign.

On average, we achieve a CPA of $50 compared to the industry average of $78.

If you have an Ad spend budget of $2,000/month, you will get 40 leads ($2000/$50) with us where as you will get only 26 leads on average ($2000/$78).

This is important because with us, you get 14 more leads from your spend and if your sales/customer is $5000, you will get $70,000 more sales for the spend.

This is why you should use Patterson Digital Marketing and Partner for your campaigns.

The CPA differs between various business sectors, geographic areas, competitive market and other factors.   Some are as low as $6, some as high as $120.

How do we do it?

– we get a higher number of clicks per Ad than the industry through a well written Ad
– our average Cost per Click is 20-34% lower than the industry because we optimise our Ads to incur a low cost per click from Google
– our conversion rate  is higher than the industry because we often use a Landing Page which is optimised for higher customer conversion in addition to phone enquiries
– we aim for a conversion rate of 10% (compared to 2% for websites) and frequently achieve up to 15%
– we frequently use a Landing page to take viewers to the niche you want to promote which boosts conversions (more enquiries for you)
– we have a higher average position of your Ads on the page so your Ads are seen more often.

Our Guarantee

We will guarantee to generate a certain number of leads for you over a 90 day period from our work.  If we fall short, we will refund you the lead shortfall at your CPA (say $50).

Why over 90 days?   Because it takes 90 days to optimise your campaign variables to achieve maximum results for you.

So you are guaranteed to achieve a great ROI (return on investment) on your Adwords budget – THE RISK IS ON US.

It is your responsibility to convert leads into customers

About 80% of leads will come in phone calls to your staff.  They should be trained to deal with these enquiries so they are converted in sales.  These enquiries are warm enquiries and just need converting to a sale.

Already have enough customers?

You may already have enough customers in total but you could handle more customers in a certain niche or area with a high profit margin, so we would tailor our campaign to that niche.


We also include Remarketing which serves reminder ads to viewers who look at your website/landing page and don’t take action to enquire about your products.  This has proven to boost results by 3 times.

We Specialise

We specialise in the medical and dental industries but we’ll offer our services to our Newsletter clients too.

If you want real guaranteed results from your Marketing/Advertising budget, CALL US on (09) 449 1005 or (027) 489 5009 or email chris@pattersondigitalmarketing.com and we’ll get you on the road to success.

Chris Kirkham